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The Course

Advanced Interior Design

Understanding space and location: the core of interior design
Semester courses · postgraduate
These full time courses offer specialist activities for participants who are looking for study abroad opportunities, or for professionals who have the desire to ‘up-skill’ or take a career break to study subject-specific training in relation to the world of design.


The course is structured to provide the necessary tools for interpreting home interiors and professional layouts in commercial and public projects with a creative and emotive approach to design wellbeing through design research methodology; a key element for any professional wishing remain up to date with trends and stay ahead of the game. The style and themes of brands will be conveyed in home collection and retail area designs by way of innovative structural, lay-out, colour and interior lighting design proposals to name just a few. Selecting the materials, fabrics, colours and new furnishings will be part of the design process. Through an analysis the history of design and its evolution in the world of interiors, participants will be capable of identifying the design style, as well as defining a suitable response to the requirements of a company brief or specific client request. Different software will be used to produce technical drawings, and views of interiors will be supported by a professional presentation, expressed as storyboards, covering the whole creative process from development of the concept and its sources of inspiration, to the final representation of the space.The historical evolution of interiors and the skills gained in creative research will provide participants with the foundations for de-veloping sophisticated and innovative designs in which the combination of materials, colours, fabrics and choice of furnishings come together to produce a harmonious and correct combination of interior design proposals.
23 Sep 2024
Italian · English  - Fee
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Programme Specification

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  • Interior designer
  • Interiors for editorial/Publishing
  • Showroom management
  • Consultant for exhibitions/installations
  • Set Designer
  • Designing public spaces
  • Residential design
  • Portfolio for interior design
  • Materials and surfaces
  • Illustration & CAD skills
  • History of art and design
  • Research approaches
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