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Discover Istituto Marangoni's Digital Fashion Experiencere, the groundbreaking event that redefines fashion showcase in the Metaverse.

Ready to dive into the world where fashion meets innovation? Immerse yourself in the Digital Fashion Experience, where avatar-models reveal avant-garde digital collections from the seven Schools of Fashion across the globe — Milano, Firenze, Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. All of this unfolds against a vibrant, AI-crafted urban backdrop. 

I AM AI · The Digital Fashion Experience hosted in the Metaverse, showcases the unique aesthetic visions of seven talented graduates, each representing one of the prestigious Istituto Marangoni Schools.

In an era where physical boundaries dissolve within the digital realm, this groundbreaking event harnesses cutting-edge technology to present a truly global fashion exhibition.

The Metaverse serves as a dynamic platform, seamlessly blending creativity and technology to redefine the traditional Fashion Show Experience. Studying fashion at one of our schools around the world means exploring the local fashion culture, its roots, and history, while also being constantly projected into the future of the industry.

Istituto Marangoni, Artificial Intelligence Manifesto.

Check out the winners' collections:

La cigale ou la fourmi? by Najjar Tia, from Istituto Marangoni Paris
Unread by Shreya, from Istituto Marangoni Mumbai
Resist! by Jin Leiyao, from Istituto Marangoni Shanghai

Empowering Graduates with AI

The Show commemorates the seamless integration of AI within academic offer and
demonstrates how Istituto Marangoni's courses are designed for shaping
the future of fashion education.

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The following collections, presented at I AM AI, showcase the graduates' creativity and adaptability to the virtual environment:

La cigale ou la fourmi? by Najjar Tia, from Istituto Marangoni Paris
Unread by Shreya, from Istituto Marangoni Mumbai
Resist! by Jin Leiyao
, from Istituto Marangoni Shanghai
Planet of people by Novackova Anezka, from Istituto Marangoni Milano
Oltre by Alessia Ancillotti, from Istituto Marangoni Firenze
Blue City by Ummehani Kanchwala, from Istituto Marangoni London
Titans by Gong Wenze, from Istituto Marangoni Shenzhen

Each student presents three iconic looks, carefully crafted to seamlessly blend with the virtual landscape. The fusion of technology and aesthetics has birthed collections that go beyond the constraints of physical reality, embracing the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse.

Some highlights from the Digital Fashion Experience collections

Digitally crafted in CLO3D by the talented graduate students of Istituto Marangoni and with the aid of AI tools, the collections stretch from the physical runway to the digital reality.

In fact, the different collections shown on the runway during 2023 Fashion Shows of each School have been transformed and tailored in the virtual world, offering a unique experience that crosses the boundaries of different cities and cultures.

Transported from the elegant streets of Milan to vibrant Shanghai, via Florence, Paris, London and Mumbai. Avatar-models guide us through unique essence of the seven cities and the collections of each School.

Discover the AI-crafted urban backdrops and experience the atmosphere of Milano, Firenze, Paris, London, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Shenzhen

The digital performance unfolds in an exhibition room, providing the audience with the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the creative process behind each artwork. Attendees can explore individual student profiles and engage in an interactive styling game, adding an extra layer of immersion to this revolutionary fashion exhibition.

jury of professionals form the luxury business will vote the collection that better expresses the innovation and the creative approach with CLO3D.

Humanity's pursuit of innovation meets technological advancements, particularly AI, offering diverse tools for enhancing daily life.
AI's potential in fostering collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication is emphasized, aiming to expand research methods and elevate creative outcomes.
Challenges arise regarding the future of art and authorship in the AI era, urging the need for frameworks promoting originality and ethical production.
The commitment extends to inclusive education and preserving human creativity, recognizing the synergy between AI and craftsmanship.
Smart campuses and AI innovation centers propel collaboration and innovation while maintaining a human-centric approach.
Despite AI's opportunities, concerns persist regarding transparency and privacy.
The perspective remains dynamic, advocating for a collaborative human-AI relationship guided by ethics and the enhancement of human uniqueness through technology.

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