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The Course

Accessories Design

2 weeks · Accessories Design: Develop Design skills within the luxury world accessories
Short courses
Short courses

Accessories are more than just bags and shoes. They bring together a total look and are important style ‘statements’, for any fashion brand, or ‘must have’ items for consumers.


This course introduces participants to the vast world of fashion accessories, and how they also make up a key revenue stream for fashion brands. The course begins with basic drawing and colouring techniques; the main tools needed to express design ideas, through to more comprehensive visual representation methods in fashion including mood boards or sketch books, all based on current fashion accessory trends. Over the 2 weeks participants will have the possibility to develop a basic proposal for a fashion accessories collection, and gain a real ‘feel’ of the fast paced work of the accessories designer.


Week 1

During the first week participants work on drawing and illustration techniques using three different methods: pencil drawing, colouring by hand, as well as an insight into digital design in the accessories field. They discover the fundamentals of the fashion accessories business, looking at how it operates and how trends influence the design process. A brief introduction into Fashion Semiotics also provides an overview of consumer behaviour patterns; decoding the way we use iconic fashion accessories items to ‘identify’ ourselves or to stand out from the crowd. At this point in the course participants may select a trend to use as a base for their own collection.


Week 2

During the second week participants will be guided and encouraged to sketch a variety of items that may include for example: bags and shoes. They will be shown key issues in how to put together a collection range, and consider materials suitable for use in their own designs. During the second week focus is placed on assembling a body of work that includes colour illustrations, basic mood boards or sketch books, and creative supporting data. At the end of the course individual work is presented to tutors for the final feedback on the activities carried out during the course.


  • Accessories Collection Design
  • Illustration
  • Technical Drawing
  • Rendering
  • Graphic Design and Communication
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