Exploring Fashion Design, Business & Style

One Year Course

4 Feb 2019 - 20 Sep 2019
enrolment fee € 4.000
tuition fee € 13.000


This one-year course provides participants with the necessary skills, practical ability and knowledge in the most important disciplines in fashion, namely Fashion Design, Fashion Business and Fashion Styling, delivering an exciting 360-degree vision into the world of fashion.

Via a global ‘full immersion’ approach to the subject, this dynamic course offers a chance to engage in the industry from both a creative and business perspective. Particular attention is dedicated to key skills such as fashion design and collection development, fashion styling and creative direction, and fashion business and marketing strategies.  The overall aim of the course is to introduce participants to a future career in fashion, or as preparation for further study in the field.

Participants are introduced to fashion design through hands-on tasks and projects such as fashion illustration and basic garment construction, putting together and designing a basic collection. Meanwhile in fashion business the course introduces key notions in marketing, in basic finance, in brand management and in digital strategy for social media and e-commerce. As well as contemporary visual communication techniques covering digital media channels, the role of fashion styling takes a look into the exciting world of photo-shoots, and of different and innovative ways in presenting and editing digital fashion images.

The course moves through a broad overview to the fashion system and industry, including the history of fashion and contemporary aesthetics and culture. Furthermore participants gain a solid foundation in Istituto Marangoni training methods in multiple subjects, and experience the intensive learning approach set at undergraduate level, overarching various academic tasks including presentation skills and research methodology. In order for participants to reach the necessary levels of skill and academic rigour required in higher education, the course also aims to enhance critical and independent thinking, and ultimately, help them identify where their true passion lies.

Attention is given to linking these important ‘pillars’ of the fashion industry; design, business and styling, and to understanding and developing the principle characteristics of academic study. The objective of the course is to develop an individual approach to creative expression and conceptual thinking, with participants creating their ‘own brand and fashion aesthetic’, finishing with a broad and individual portfolio of work in key fashion disciplines.


  • Analyses of key disciplines covering fashion industry
  • Fashion illustration and collection design
  • Cut and construction
  • Visual communication
  • Styling development and analysis
  • Research methodology
  • Marketing communication channels
  • Digital marketing & new media
  • Principles of business and management in fashion
  • Fashion PR, promotion and advertising
  • The history of fashion & contemporary culture

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