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The Course

Fashion Design & Styling

The ideal pathway to lead Creative Direction
One year courses · Intensive Training

Creative Directors are back. Nowadays more than ever, storytelling deeply influences collection development: in the current fashion scenario, crossovers and capsules collection on one side and sustainable and social changes on the other, are constantly challenging and calling for the evolution of fashion industry.


This one year intensive programme provides participants the opportunity to choose between two different study areas: one related to principles and notions of fashion design processes and techniques, the other one more focused on skills and tools relevant for styling and communicating with looks.  

The programme covers the main methods and techniques that are essential to conduct a thorough exploration and research in both fashion styling and design contexts, as well as presentation and communication skills. At the same time, participants will be trained on how to recognize and investigate materials, tools, development and management techniques used in each area.

Through the skills and notions acquired, students will be able to produce a personal portfolio for a capsule collection, with both an individual approach to creative personal expression and a mix-and-match of pattern making combined with visual storytelling.

Participants will also be challenged in developing their conceptual thinking abilities, in order to face their professional path equipped with an interdisciplinary set of skills, that will support them in their further creative career.

08 Oct 2024
English · Chinese  - Fee
Only course fee
  • Design & Styling Collection
  • Pattern Making
  • Styling & Photography
  • Contemporary Fashion Portfolio
  • Visual Storytelling & concept design
  • Fashion Designer
  • Stylist / Art Director
  • Trend Analyst
  • Image Consultant
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