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The Course

Fashion Design & Innovation

Define your unique creative vision in a context disrupted by digital-driven fashion design transformation
Master of Arts

By investigating the relationship between fashion and emerging technologies, students learn how to implement innovative, digitally based applications within fashion creation processes, ranging from virtual fashion to smart materials, from additive manufacturing to blockchain management, from avatar design to animation, from wearable technologies to virtual design and marketplaces and beyond. Moreover, this Master of Arts course provides a deep understanding of the cultural, societal and environmental impact of fashion.


Participants will learn how to define their unique creative vision, understanding fashion's core elements, from research of emerging trends to material sourcing to learn their distinctive properties and uses, subsequently moving on to concept design, production and communication, in order to accurately transform the entire creative process. The programme enables students to deal with the technical, digital and virtual aspects of the fashion process in a ecological way, with dedicated assets such as Clo3D for virtual pattern making. Participants are encouraged in the development of an advanced research-based methodology, taking advantage from a multidisciplinary perspective which is further ignited by insights drawn from humanities such as psychology for fashion, social anthropology, digital marketplaces and critique of contemporary fashion design.

23 Sep 2024
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Participants who successfully complete this course will be awarded with a Master of Arts Degree . Recognised by MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research), participants will obtain 120 CFA (Crediti Formativi Accademici) equivalent to 120 ECTS credits.
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This Master of Arts in Fashion aims to specialize participants with the intertwining convergence of cultural, creative and innovative productive processes that characterize the phygital fashion world nowadays. Therefore fueling students’ creative abilities in dealing with fashion artefacts in the broadest sense and taking advantage from disruptive technological changes and including 3D elements and animation. By investigating the relationship between fashion and emerging technologies, students will learn how to implement innovative digital applications in fashion concepts, ranging from additive manufacturing to smart materials, from wearable technologies to virtual clothing, using Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Virtual Pattern Making, Avatar Design and immersive competences. Moreover, this course provides a deep understanding of the cultural, societal and environmental impact of inventive fashion, in order to empower students’ critical thinking and their abilities in developing an inherently sustainable approach to the industry, which has become key nowadays given the debate about crucial issues such sustainability and the increasing scarcity, the uncertainty of natural global resources and the diffusion of the ethical imperative of inclusivity.

  • Physical and Digital Fashion Design
  • 3D Design and Animantion
  • Smart and Innovative Materials
  • AI, AR, blockchain, Metaverse
  • Virtual and Immersive Environments
  • Future of Fashion
  • Digital-Driven Disruption in Fashion
  • Green Fashion
  • Phygital Fashion Designer
  • Innovative Textile Designer
  • Product Development Manager
  • Digital Fashion Consultant
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