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Pre-sessional English

Hybrid pre-sessional English courses from our central London campus
Short courses
Short courses

Our hybrid pre-sessional English courses will be running on our state-of-the-art campus in central London, offering both on-campus and online study modes. Students on these courses will be able to improve their academic English language skills to the desired level and will be able to progress onto our academic undergraduate and post graduate programmes starting in October 2023.


The overall aim of our pre-sessional courses is to improve academic English and academic performance. The course will be run by a highly experienced team of English languages professionals and class sizes will be kept small with a maximum of 15-20 students for our academic team to focus on quality of teaching.

At the end of the pre-sessional course, students will have: developed English for academic purposes and gained the ability to listen to and communicate complex ideas to a variety of audiences developed independent and collaborative academic study skills, enabling them to analyse issues and formulate questions expanded their intercultural awareness and gained a better knowledge of IML and London Students will achieve these outcomes by: focussing on strengthening the four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) by practicing the language within a genuine academic context (attending academic lectures, reading academic texts and analysing/writing academic essays) gaining confidence in academic writing conventions, including in-text citations, referencing, direct quotation and compiling bibliographies studying material with a discipline-specific content (fashion and design) developing creative and critical thinking skills through debating and evaluating complex ideas. Students will undertake both a formative and summative assessment (KITE English proficiency test).

Pre-sessional English · Online & On-site Option
05 Jun 2023 - 11 Aug 2023
English  - Fee
Only course fee


05 Jun 2023 - 11 Aug 2023
English  - Fee
Only course fee


Weeks description

Week 1 - FASHION Reading skills 
Read to identify concepts and theories Vocabulary - Practice using industry-specific terminology, adjectives for describing products, adjective + noun collocations Pronunciation - Word stress, identifying the linking /r/ Grammar - Use nominal clauses Listening skills - Listening to understand vocabulary from context, live lecture Speaking skills - Managing conversations, expressing opinions Academic writing skills - Practice analysing essay questions Study skills - Successfull study: intelligence, strategy and personalised learning

Week 2 - DESIGN
Reading skills - Recognise internal paraphrasing, understand exemplification to support an argument Vocabulary - Practice using adjectives for describing products, language for comparing and contrasting Pronunciation - Word stress and weak form of that Grammar - Use can for universal truths, use adverbs to hedge the strength of statements Listening skills - rethorical questions and bias Speaking skills - giving examples, presenting pros and cons Academic writing skills - Practice organising ideas for a compare-contrast essay, writing a first draft Study skills - Overcoming writer’s block, time management as a student

Reading skills
- Read and understand classification in texts and generalisations Vocabulary
- Practice using adjectives for describing personality Pronunciation
- Linking and catenation, intonation to express hesitation and doubt Grammar
- dependent prepositions for adjectives and verbs Listening skills
- Listening to a live lecture Speaking skills - adding points to an argument, debates Academic writing skills - Practice developing arguments Study skills
- Core research skills: reading, note-making and managing information

Week 4 - SPRAWL (Suburbs of the future) Reading skills - Practice questioning while reading, identify similarities and differences between multiple viewpoints Vocabulary - Practice and use academic alternatives to phrasal verbs Pronunciation - Sentence stress Grammar - Practice using parallel structures Listening skills - Listening for problems and solutions Speaking skills - Emphasising important information (repetition and contrastive pairs) Academic writing skills - Practice integrating sources Study skills - Critical analytical thinking

Week 5 - TOMORROW (Technology and products of the future) Reading skills
- Read and identify text predictions Vocabulary
- Practice and use industry-specific terminology, prefixes and suffixes with special meaning Pronunciation
- Words stress, intonation in questions and expressing surprise vs asking for information Grammar - Practice using the future perfect simple and conditionals with provided/unless Listening skills - Listening to a live lecture Speaking skills
- Asking to clarify and confirm ideas you hear, contributing additional information to a discussion Academic writing skills
- Practice identifying and writing a stance for an opinion essay, writing an opinion essay Study skills - Working with others: collaborative study


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