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The Course

Fashion Design & Marketing

Explore, develop and design your future in fashion.
Two year courses

In response to growing industry demand for profiles with transversal skills in fashion, this undergraduate course aims to provide a solid base in two key disciplines of the fashion industry; namely Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing, giving students the chance to engage in the industry from both a creative and business perspective - the designer and manager. Over the 2-years students learn key skills in design, fashion illustration, pattern making and sewing, together with business methodology and marketing strategies.


Alongside English Language teaching, essential preparation to the semantic or ‘language’ of fashion, students are presented with exciting new challenges that will improve their critical independent thinking, develop their creative and business skills, and help them identify exactly where their true passion lies.

From basic drawing techniques in shape, light and shadow, students move on to study the stylised human figure and fashion design illustration, as well as key notions in design through digital applications. The study of fabrics and materials takes an in-depth look at fabric properties and how they are used in the industry before moving onto pattern cutting and draping techniques. Cultural and historical analysis of art and dress further contextualises and underpins the development of creative skills.

Together with design skills, students study marketing principles, practices and communication strategies, as well as brand analysis, and trends, gaining a solid understanding of the business of fashion. Research, key to innovative design and creative ideas, is paramount throughout the course and essential for any future study.

Students are introduced to creative research methodologies, and to visual representation as an aesthetic value, in order to successfully communicate a vision, or design idea, to their clients. Via skills in visual research students discover the role and influence of accurate visual representation and conclude their study with a portfolio of work. With work based skills relevant to the fashion industry, on successful completion, students are ready to move forward and develop their career, or have the opportunity to further excel in design, marketing, creativity and research being considered for advanced entry to the second year of a bachelor degree overseas, completing their study pathway at Istituto Marangoni’s London School of Fashion.

Learning focus
  • Fashion drawing & illustration techniques
  • Pattern cutting, fabrics & materials
  • Draping & sewing
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion business plans
  • Trends in the fashion industry
  • Brand analysis
  • Brief history of art and dress
  • Research approaches
  • Study support skills and language
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