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The Course

Experimental Textile Design

Develop an innovative approach in the area of textiles and materials
Short courses
Short courses

Following the industry demand, Istituto Marangoni Firenze uses its great geographical position to link with the most important textile companies and textile designers, well known for their innovative and sustainable approach.


Emphasis is placed on exploratory and versatile approaches through practical work. Participants build their knowledge by being encouraged to unlock their potential ability to experiment, innovate and develop, incorporating new technologies and sustainable approaches. Students challenge new directions in textile design through forward-thinking research and practice and analyse the need and impact of innovation and ecology to the economy.

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Week 1

In the first week participants explore the textile area of the fashion industry with a focus on original textile designs, from inspiration to their application. Learning about the art of creating textiles and their manipulation, participants explore their own creativity and different ways of creating prints, textures and surface decoration before developing a personal collection of textile designs.

Week 2

In the second week, participants explore the digital techniques applied to fashion textiles. With a main focus on Applied Technology and Innovative Textile Design, Smart Textiles and the analysis of the impact of innovation and ecology on the economy, participants research and propose personal concepts on Inventing the Future of Fabrics.

Week 3

During the final week of the course, participants work on finalising their personal concepts into a collection of textile designs. The design ideas are further developed through individual tutoring and guidance by textile experts and finally presented in a visual design portfolio.

  • Original Textile Designs
  • Applied Technology and Smart Textiles
  • Creative Labs
  • Portfolio
  • Graphic Design and Communication
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