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Fashion Design

Make an impact on the world of fashion
Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts

These full time postgraduate level courses are highly specialised programmes that support participants’ careers the fashion, luxury and creative industries. They are designed for those who have already acquired specific skills in the appropriate area at undergraduate level, or for industry professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of a specific subject area in fashion.


The postgraduate programme Fashion Design Womenswear has consistently equipped participants with the creative skills and professionalism demanded by the global fashion system, with outstanding links to industry and a high number of alumni successfully placed in major fashion and luxury brands or running their own fashion labels.

Upon completing this program program, students will be able to produce and develop a collection, to supervise the management of the human, material and financial resources necessary for the launch and development of a fashion collection, but also to supervise the making of a collection. You will have the tools to enhance and promote your collection to the biggest fashion houses

01 Oct 2024
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Participants who successfully complete the Fashion Design Womenswear course taught in Paris will receive the corresponding 'RNCP' title of: "Directeur de Collection", recognised by the French State by decision of France Compétences (French Ministry of Labour) of 10-11-2021. As recognised vocational training, level 7 RNCP corresponds to the competences of a Master's degree. 

Regent’s University London

Validated by Regent’s University London
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BOF · Badge of Excellence

This dynamic course cultivates the design creativity, individual style and personal vision of participants while they respond to the rapidly evolving landscape of fashion through a series of project-based activities that reflect different aspects of industry practice. In this way, participants are challenged to develop their thinking about fashion – what it is and what it can become – to realise their full potential, while gaining advanced fashion design skills together with industry preparation. Participants graduate with an understanding of their unique identity as designers and of their position in the fashion industry based on market intelligence. At postgraduate level, participants will already have experience in fashion design, pattern cutting, garment making and portfolio creation in order to successfully meet the challenges of this course in conceptual research, design development and experimentation, professional project development, collection development and marketing and personal branding. They are encouraged to work experimentally with the shape and construction of garments, with the use of renewable and sustainable resources and to devise imaginative ways of working with materials and techniques - the true, creative artisan of fashion combined with the excellence that is “Italianness”; internationally acclaimed craftsmanship, design and style. The strong design and practical elements of the course run alongside contextual, theoretical, conceptual and forward-looking perspectives, leading to a dissertation project accompanied by individually proposed practical work such as a fashion artefact or capsule collection. Istituto Marangoni’s professional links include guest industry speakers that provide participants with insight into the realities and the opportunities of fashion.

  • The design process for womenswear collections
  • Fashion illustration and presentation techniques
  • Pattern cutting, garment making & production planning
  • The future of fashion
  • Connections between design and culture
  • Marketing, communication, promotion and brand identity
  • Trend research
  • Creative research techniques
  • The artisanship of fashion
  • Textiles, new materials and technologies in design
  • Contextual and theoretical studies
  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Creative director
  • Textile designer
  • Fashion consultant
  • Trend researcher/forecaster


Badges of Excellence recognise a school’s strengths in four key areas: Best Overall, Best in Global Influence, Best in Learning Experience and Best in Long-Term Value.

  • Global Influence – The global reputation and influence of a school, based on the selectivity of a school in admitting applicants and the enrolment rates of admitted applicants.
  • Long-Term Value – The students' preparedness for the real world, based on student progression rates provided by the schools, assessing student satisfaction around employment, career preparedness and accessibility of alumni.

An Overall BoF Score was then awarded to each institution based on the sum-weighted score across all three key indices.  

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The MA Fashion Design programme provides a framework in which you can develop your knowledge and understanding of fashion design and your creative potential as a contemporary fashion practitioner. Through a structured programme of classes, you will gain insights into cultural, social and environmental contexts, emerging schools of thought, evolving concepts of luxury, new creative technologies, and the role of fashion design in shaping sustainable futures.

01 Oct 2024
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Regent’s University London

Validated by Regent’s University London
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Working to design briefs that present exciting and challenging opportunities to develop and extend your skills – and in response to new developments in the industry or new potentialities - fashion design classes will be supported and sometimes fluidly integrated with practical workshop sessions that enhance your understanding of the design process (in 2D and 3D), and how to both innovate and refine your ideas for specific markets and/or local or global imperatives. In this way, you will cultivate your skills as a critical fashion design practitioner that is equipped with the problem-solving abilities required to address foreseen and unforeseen challenges and opportunities.

Within this carefully structured framework, you will be expected to work with increasing imagination, creativity and autonomy and to progress your learning and project work substantially outside of class, as well as your understanding of what fashion is and what it might become. The programme primarily focuses on womenswear but recognises the limitations of this term and therefore is open to genderless fashion and other expressions of contemporary clothing. In addition, this programme supports the formation of the collaborative and multidisciplinary skills and perspectives that are now considered essential to the future.

As the course progresses, emphasis is placed increasingly upon your design vision and your practice-based research, as you extend and refine your personal design identity and develop a personal design manifesto. The course culminates in a substantial dissertation project that may comprise a small, capsule collection supported by a written dissertation.

  • New concepts of fashion and luxury;
  • Contemporary fashion design strategies;
  • Critical debates and ethical positions relating to fashion design and production;
  • Thinking through making;
  • Materials, techniques and processes;
  • Neocraft and artisanship;
  • New technologies for fashion design;
  • Futuring and creative problem-solving.
  • Own fashion label;
  • Fashion designer - brand;
  • Product development;
  • Textile sourcing;
  • Trend forecasting;
  • Illustrator;
  • Academic progression – PhD, MPhil;
  • Research positions
  • Fashion Exploration
  • Contextual and Cultural Studies
  • Design Intentions
  • Research Methods
  • Industry Placement
  • New Fashion Identities
  • Dissertation
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