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The Course

Contemporary Knitwear Design

Learn to work with knitwear design hand knitting
Preparatory · Foundation

The knitwear course is aiming to introduce the fundamental knitting techniques to aspiring knitwear designers. How to think about knitting techniques, how to select the correct yarns and techniques. And how to design specially for knitted garments is what you will learn in this program.


The course is divided into 3 segments starting with hand knitting and hand machines, to flatbed computerised machines to finally woking with circular knitting machines regularly see in the sportswear industry. The Final part will be supported by a famous Italian knitwear company that will also provide access to IT environment and the advanced machines that have available in Shanghai.

02 Nov 2024
English · Chinese  - Fee
Only course fee

Students will produce their own knitting swatch book with reference and finally make 1 fully made garment. Material for swatches is included in the price, material for final garment is not included. Portfolio + 1 final garment will be made by each student according to specifications and be present at the final exam to be awarded the certificate of completion. Awards will be handed over after the exam.

  • LO1 Understanding the nature and production of knitted textiles
  • LO2 An ability to communicate technical specifications appropriated to knitted garments
  • LO3 An ability to creatively innovate design for knitted garments
  • LO4 An ability to 3D render knitwear designs and CADs to produce knitted designs
  • LO5 Presentations skills adapted to knitwear industry
  • Knitter
  • Print designer
  • Fabric designer
  • Independent artist
  • Knitting technology developer
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