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The Course

Fashion & Textile Design Management

Contemporary Textile Design: Merging tradition and innovation
Postgraduate Courses

The postgraduate programme Fashion & Textile Design Management equips participants with the creative skills and professionalism demanded by the global fashion system, with outstanding links to industry. 


This dynamic 9-month course cultivates the design creativity, individual style and personal vision of participants while they respond to the rapidly evolving landscape of fashion through a series of project-based activities, that reflect different aspects of the industry and new technologies. The course is focused around interdisciplinary and experimental projects, with an innovative approach in the area of textiles and materials.

Throughout the programme, participants gain access to design and making methodologies within the frame of traditional and digital Textile design.

Embedded in the course is a consistent practice with workshop experience, along with the professional expertise brough on by academic staff, researchers and visiting designers, coming from both local and international craftsmanship excellence. Participants also have the chance to build their knowledge by being encouraged to unlock their potential ability to innovate and develop, incorporating new technologies and sustainable approaches.

They will be as well challenged to develop their own thinking about fashion – what it is and what it can become – to realise their full potential, while gaining advanced fashion design skills – with the opportunity to investigate their own unique identity as designers and their position within the fashion industry, also based on market intelligence.

27 Aug 2024
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Programme Specification

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At postgraduate level, participants will already have experience in fashion design, pattern cutting, garment making and portfolio creation in order to successfully meet the challenges of this course in conceptual research, design development and experimentation, collection realisation,  marketing and personal branding. They are encouraged to work experimentally with the shape and construction of garments, with the use of renewable and sustainable resources, and to devise imaginative ways of working with materials and techniques – all while keeping an eye on the true Indian creative artisanship in fashion combined with the excellence that is “Italianness”; internationally acclaimed craftsmanship, design and style. The course is contextualised within the current environment exploring sustainability and new technologies as well as forward looking in terms of future trends and needs.

  • Textile Design identity and philosophy
  • Technical practices in craftsmanship
  • Innovative design and prototyping
  • Professional portfolio development and communication skills
  • Responsible design, social, ethical and environmental
  • Fashion Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Product Manager
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Trend Researcher/ Forecaster
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