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Sustainable Fashion & Circularity

Short courses
Short courses

Short courses cover a variety of subjects, levels and duration to suit all preferences, and are also the perfect ‘taster’ or introduction to fashion programmes, useful when considering more intensive study, or for future career path development.


This course covers design methods for sustainable fashion moving from the introduction of upcycling techniques, recycling methods, sustainable techniques of pattern cutting, the use of eco-friendly fibers, materials manipulations, draping with deadstock materials and the regeneration of second-hand clothes. Participants get familiar with circular business models in fashion and analyze best practice in the sector while integrating sustainable design principles that promote conscious environment respectful of the Earth health and resources.

01 Jul 2024 - 12 Jul 2024
English  - Fee
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درهم AED9,500

5% VAT must be added to all the fees

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Week 1
Week 2

Participant will be encouraged to embrace a conscious approach to fashion design,  moving from a critical analysis of the fashion industry’s current dynamics, driven by the impact of climate change, the increasing scarcity and uncertainty in global natural resources, the boom of fast fashion and the rise of slow fashion in response, the globalization of supply chains. The concepts of slow fashion and design longevity applied to garments will be covered to inspire participants in experimenting with conscious fashion.  

The course continues with the introduction of circular design principles (recycling, upcycling, repairing, creative mending, regeneration of production waste downs or second hand clothes through the use of patches, applications, beads) and then focuses on alternative material sourcing, natural dying techniques. Based on inspiration linked to a selected theme, participants put into practice the acquired knowledge from the previous week about the principles of sustainable fashion design, eventually developing an interior design project for wellbeing, supported by appropriate technical information, colour charts, materials and mood board.

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