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The Course

Metaverse & Web3

Leverage the revolutionary possibilities of web3, metaverse and AI

The programme targets professionals with a previously gained work backgroud (or degree) in marketing, communication, PR, ADV, fashion design, product design, visual arts. Upon successful completion of the professional course, participants will upskill their tool box of skills by gaining an overview of the marketing and communication opportunities stemming from the emerging meta-economy.


The metaverse, a new frontier of both creative experimentation and business and promotional opportunities enabled by AR, VR, NFTs, virtual prototyping and 3D avatars, is poised to usher in some major changes, whereas companies are stuggling to seek for professional figures with a meta-oriented mindset able to take a strategic advantage from this emerging scenario and inform consistently marketing, communication and promotional strategies.
This is a forward-thinking course curated for professionals to navigate the evolving digital landscape to dive into the revolutionary realms of the metaverse, blockchain, immersive experiences and artificial intelligence and discover their profound impact on the fashion industry.

01 Oct 2024
English  - Fee
Enrollment Fee
درهم AED12,000
School fee
درهم AED23,000

5% VAT must be added to all the fees.

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Metaverse Revolution
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The program looks into the strategic application of emerging technologies, providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to fully realize their revolutionary potential. Participants will learn how to lead in the digital age through a blend of theoretical insights, hands-on projects, and real-world case studies. Embrace cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge methods to hone your capacity to drive digital transformation, enrich brand experiences, and create the future of fashion business. Discover the study units:

  • Web3 Economy
  • Blockchain and Decentralized Systems
  • Marketing and communication strategies for the metaverse
  • Digital Currencies and Smart Contracts
  • Digital Collectibles and NFTs
  • Design a creative communication experience exploiting the core values of immersive technologies
  • Develop skills in immersive storytelling and brand-building strategies in the metaverse to enhance the virtual fashion experience.
  • Discover the strategic possibilities of the metaverse and its role in brand experiences.
  • Explore virtual fashion experiences, digital storytelling, and interactive brand activations within the metaverse, leveraging its potential for immersive consumer engagement.
  • Investigate the applications of AI in the fashion industry, such as trend forecasting, personalized customer experiences, and creative design processes.

This course provides an introduction to the concepts, technologies, and applications of Web3. You will explore decentralized systems, blockchain technology, metaverse, virtual worlds and the various components that make up the Web3 ecosystem together with an introduction to the possibilities with AI. The course aims to equip you with a foundational understanding of Web3 and its potential implications for fashion and luxury brands:

  • Use your knowledge to drive digital innovation strategies within fashion brands and innovation-driven organizations.
  • Provide insights on leveraging these technologies to enhance supply chain transparency, customer experiences, and brand positioning.
  • Develop the ability to curate and orchestrate immersive virtual fashion experiences within the metaverse
  • Apply your expertise to drive data-driven strategies, optimize branding decisions, and deliver highly tailored fashion offerings to target audiences.
  • Explore opportunities for innovative startups in the fields of the metaverse, blockchain, and AI, shaping the future of fashion and design through your own entrepreneurial endeavors.
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