Blueprint for a career in Fashion

29 Apr 2019 - 16 Aug 2019
26 Aug 2019 - 13 Dec 2019
Total per credit hour $ 1200
Application fee $ 100
Graduation fee $ 250

**Los programas ofrecidos en la Escuela de Miami tienen una duración de 4 años. Istituto Marangoni Miami (IMM) está afiliado al Istituto Marangoni, pero solamente es responsable para los programas, cursos, talleres y seminarios que se llevan a cabo en la escuela de Miami. IMM se compromete a comunicarse con el franquiciador, con prontitud y precisión; sin embargo, es importante que todos los usuarios del Catálogo comprendan que esta publicación no pretende garantizar el desarrollo afectivo de los programas y cursos en IMM. Para preguntas sobre cursos y las políticas, los potenciales participantes y los inscritos deben solicitar aclaraciones y / o asistencia a un consultor o a un administrador de IMM.

Programme Specification

The Associate of Arts (AA) program in Fashion Studies aims to provide a solid base in three key disciplines of the fashion industry: Fashion Design, Fashion Business and Fashion Styling. Alongside general education requirements the program provides an introduction into all three areas giving students the chance to engage in the fashion industry from both a creative and business perspective. This unique program forms multidisciplinary profiles capable of pursuing and developing careers in the areas of design, management, marketing and communication, and styling, meeting a growing demand for creative and business skills in the fashion industry – the mastermind that is both designer and manager. Over the course of two years students are presented with exciting
new challenges that will improve their critical independent thinking, develop their creative and business skills, and help them identify exactly where their true passion lies.

From basic drawing techniques in shape, light and shadow, students move on to study stylized fashion design and the human figure, as well as digital design techniques.
The study of fabrics and materials takes an in-depth look at fabric properties and how they are used in the industry. Cultural and historical analysis of art and dress and key notions in art history and research further contextualizes and underpins the development of creative skills. Students gain an understanding of the business of fashion, looking at marketing principles, practices and communication strategies. Managers with both design and management skills are rare. Today companies recognize and acknowledge the way designers ‘think’ as a strategic asset; an alternative to traditional management methods and approaches toward company growth. Style and research, key to innovative design and creative ideas, is paramount throughout the program. Students are introduced to the role of the fashion stylist, and to visual representation as an ‘art’; presenting products or communicating a vision in order to attract and engage the fashion consumer.

Through creative and visual research students discover the world of trends, and the role and influence of visual representation. This stimulating program prepares students with the key skills for entry onto any of the BA Major programs in Fashion Design,
Fashion Business, and Fashion Styling.

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