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Paris Fashion Show 2023


In a cosmic spaceship, the 10 best fashion designers presented their collections, looking to the future through scents and a digital touch. In partnership with Symrise Fine Fragrance. 

The Fashion Show, celebrating the top 10 graduating students from 2023, was called ‘Look: it’s the future’ – not just a title, but a real statement. The visionary approach of these young creatives is captivating; their ideas are an open invitation to the fashion industry to explore utopias of the future.

For this annual edition of the Show, Istituto Marangoni Paris partners with Symrise Fine Fragrance and brings together the worlds of fashion and fragrance. For several months, ten of Symrise's senior perfumers worked closely with the students to discover their inspirations and create an unique matching fragrance for each collection.

This new edition includes also a digital dimension, fully reflecting the School’s dedication to new technologies and virtual universes. Partnering with Fashion Styling Department Professors, Istituto Marangoni created ten 3D videos representing each collection’s silhouettes. Taking the show into captivating digital environments aimed to merge fashion’s physical world with an immersive digital experience and offering a comprehensive view of students’ creations.

The studio behind the collections of the 10 best fashion designers 

Istituto Marangoni Paris presented 10 third-year Bachelor Fashion Design graduates, who contributed with six looks each: Juana Casares (Argentina), Zihui Zhang (China), Aachal Rai (India), Avalon Anttila Smederevac (Sweden), Kateryna Chyzh (Ukraine), Pedro del Campo Criollo (Colombia), Guillermo Hidalgo de la Dehesa (Spain), Tia Najjar (Lebanon), Young Eun Jeon (South Korea) and Luciano Piunti (Switzerland), winner of the ‘Best Designer of the Year 2023’ award.

Paolo Meroni · School Director Istituto Marangoni Paris

“The partnership with Symrise allows us to fuse the artistry of fashion with the captivating power of scent, offering an immersive experience”

Istituto Marangoni Paris offers a course dedicated to Fragrances & Cosmetics Management, where Symrise will provide training in the discovery of the olfactory world.


Istituto Marangoni Paris and Symrise Fine Fragrance are bringing together the worlds of fashion and fragrance for the Istituto Marangoni Paris annual Fashion Show.

Thanks to the collaboration with Symrise, a leading company in fragrances and cosmetics, the 10 designers also ventured into a new field: perfumery. Each student partnered with Symrise's perfumers to create 10 exclusive fragrances describing their collections. As the models grace the runway, the audience had the opportunity to embrace the distinctive olfactive universe of each creation, indulge their senses and immerse themselves in this experience.

Istituto Marangoni Paris, with its comprehensive academic program, foster a seamless coexistence of fashion and fragrances universes, creating synergies that prepare the students for tomorrow’s new challenges of the industry.

In the unique setting of the Espace Niemeyer some special guests sit in Front Row for the Show

Inaugurated in 1971, the Espace Niemeyer immediately became an architectural legend. Mixing retro-future nostalgia and contemporary vision, this location couldn’t be more aligned with the theme of the Fashion Show: ‘Look: it’s the future’. This concept had been the leitmotif of the students' work throughout the year and, inspired by the consciousness of the past and the desire to look positively to what tomorrow deserves, the students produced stunning collections. 
In the Front Row, some special guests took their seats and embark on this sensory journey: Bruno Gouery, Jin Xuan Mao, Nesrin Sanad, Pierre Michaut, Ginta, Vittoria Rodrigues, Corentin Huard, Juliana Adorno, Cyril Benzaken, Antoine Schmidt, Sammy Voigt, Camila Pinzon, Clara Beneytout, Lola Bouchareb, Fleur Copin, Clémence Botino, Corentin Huard, Juliana Adorno, Vitoria Rodrigues, Eugénia Kuzmina, Giorgia Viola, Gregory Gaston, Caroline Margeridon, Jade Chantelle.

The behind-the-scenes of the Paris Fashion Show 2023

The backstage, including fittings, selection of garments, make-up, and hairstyles, is a unique opportunity for the 10 selected designers to experience the behind-the-scenes of a fashion show as if they were part of a well-known high-fashion brand.

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