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Gian Maria


Gian Maria

Fashion and luxury / Brand management professional development
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Head Hunter with a deep knowledge of Fashion and Luxury Industries, and a long experience as a Brand Strategist.

Merging Branding and HR Skills, I design for clients not only a tailored search service but also a business consultancy based on different tools:
• benchmark and context research
• international mapping
• analysis of internal teams
• design of an engaging employer experience, in line with company’s values ​​and DNA

In this way I can guide clients on the basis of their needs, market and organizational.
I think it’s the knowledge of the market and the ability to read the context and the future trends that should distinguish a Head Hunter today. In addiction to this, I promote an inclusive, sustainable, and human-centric working culture through the development of specific projects and initiatives.

Areas for mentorship: Fashion and luxury, brand management professional development


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