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Lo Schiavo


Lo Schiavo


Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, an esteemed visual artist, was born in Italy and currently divides his time between London and Milan. He studied architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome, focusing mainly on visual design.

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Lo Schiavo's research strives to establish a deep connection between art and science. His investigations often delve into artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual reality, infrared systems, and even microorganisms in laboratory environments. The artist's work often explores opposing elements such as creation-destruction, past-future, analog-digital and real-virtual. 

Lo Schiavo has been announced as the winner of the esteemed European BioArt Challenge project, organised by the MUSE Science Museum in Italy, in 2021. With the support of Cardiff University, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the University of Trento and the MUSE Science Museum, he is undertaking research that combines art and synthetic biology. Giuseppe Lo Schiavo currently holds the title of artist-in-residence at the microbiology laboratory at UCL University of London.

Lo Schiavo's works grace the walls of numerous prestigious international exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. Notable venues include Saatchi Gallery in London, Aperture Foundation in New York, Mixer Gallery in Istanbul, Mana Contemporary in New Jersey, Museo Marca in Catanzaro, LACDA in Los Angeles, LA Show, Istanbul Contemporary and Abay Opera House in Kazakhstan. He has also participated in various exhibitions in major cities such as Luxembourg, London, Tokyo, Rome, Munich, Los Angeles and Turin.

His work has gained recognition through publications in BBC, Vice, Inside Art, Elle Decor, Exibart, O Estado de S. Paulo Newspaper, Repubblica, La Stampa, Wall Street International, Sky Arte, Usaartnews, Fortune, Artribune, Fahrenheit Magazine, The Advocate, Fubiz, Istanbul Art News, De Standaard, TG1, Esquire and Radio Télévision Suisse 3.

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