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Jan 10, 2024

What will save us from our online shopping disasters?

Rose Barbier, a Parisian talent pursuing a BA in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction, took charge as editor-in-chief, envisioning a semi-annual international magazine. Covering emerging artists, fashion and culture, it boldly interacts with contemporary tech-infused society. Marked by cutting-edge irony, it’s titled “Average Magazine.” More than a publication, it’s a surrealistic play with graphics, lettering, collage, post-production, double entendre, and wordplay—capturing our creative lives amidst digital wonders, virtual chaos, physical splendour, and real consumption. Check out the edgy and parodistic video teaser, and delve into her editor’s letter for a taste.


Editor’s letter 

A page from "Average Magazine," a semi-annual international publication envisioned by Istituto Marangoni Paris student Rose Barbier

A page from "Average Magazine," a semi-annual international publication envisioned by Istituto Marangoni Paris student Rose Barbier

The culture of easy consumption is epitomised by the fast and effortless deliveries offered by companies like Amazon, which have both environmental and ethical costs. The constant availability of products at our fingertips, often with just a few clicks, can fuel our desire for more and more material possessions, ultimately diminishing their value.

Here is a physically printed magazine, an exploration of contemporary art, fashion, and the ever-evolving landscape of technology, paying homage to the unique culture and visual narratives that have emerged from the digital realm and to the nature of Internet imagery, where the virtual and the real coexist in a fascinating dance. The digital age and its constant evolution act as a catalyst for creativity, forging new frontiers of artistic expression rather than as a means of self-isolation.

This issue will focus on using satire and contemporary art to explore modern society through surrealist and repetitive imagery that highlights the contradictions, paradoxes, and ironies of a technology-infused life. We question how seemingly limitless choices can lead to dissatisfaction and a perpetual cycle of longing for the next best thing. We invite readers to reflect on the urgency of mindful consumption.


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Rose Barbier
Fashion Styling & Creative Direction student, Paris



Endnote: True to her commitment to spotlight emerging creatives, Rose Barbier featured a piece by the up-and-coming artist Gao Hang (b. 1991, Baoding, China) in her editor’s letter. Gao, with classical training in photorealistic painting in his homeland, dedicates himself to artworks described by experts as “akin to stand-up comedy,” employing brutal honesty, absurdity, and humour. According to the Tang Contemporary Art gallery, Gao’s recent creations delve into the “definition” of images in digital graphics, especially those from the past two decades. The gallery notes that Gao draws inspiration from the possibility of graphical spectacles transforming into symbols of rawness and objects of ridicule in the evolution of digital imagery. Their statement reads, “Gao would like his practice to stimulate a modern production method, but with a high fault tolerance.”