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Jan 24, 2024

Why are we all waiting for Sanremo 2024?

In Italy, everyone’s jamming to Sanremo. And it’s not just our thing—it’s a global groove. The Italian song festival is gaining increasing international recognition, and Måneskin’s victory in 2021 has played a significant role in it. A few months later, they also won the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, representing Italian music. Even Mick Jagger, the legendary frontman of the Rolling Stones, acknowledged their success in an interview with Corriere della Sera, stating: “They are the band of today’s twenty-year-olds, and we would all expect there to be an English or American group in that place.” 

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The Sanremo festival isn’t just about Italian music; it also serves as a platform for showcasing high fashion. The most relevant brands unveil the season’s looks on stage, featuring avant-garde outfits and potentially marking a return to advanced formalwear and tailoring, which we’re all eagerly anticipating. The singers’ stylists are already working hard to create never-before-seen outfits that will be donned by the most sought-after celebrities for the first time on stage.

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Mahmood and Ghali, the music and style gurus who owned the front row at the latest men’s fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, are poised to steal the spotlight in Sanremo 2024, vying for victory in the festival. The opera trio Il Volo and the band The Kolors will also be competing. As for celebrity guests, New Zealand actor Russell Crowe is expected to grace the stage with a performance. 

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The question on everyone’s mind now is who will win the first prize for music. People are also excited to see who will showcase the most interesting and hyped look, and which brand will be behind it. All we have to do is wait until February 6th to find out.

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Angelo Ruggeri
Journalist and Master Course Tutor & Fashion Styling Course Leader, Milan