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Fondation Cartier and Olivier Saillard join forces with Istituto Marangoni


Fondation Cartier and Olivier Saillard join forces with Istituto Marangoni

10 styling students will support the artist during the performance
02 February 2024

"Moda Povera VI: les vêtements des autres - Milan" - the unprecedented performance by Olivier Saillard staged on 2 February, the opening event of Soirée Nomade, proposed by Triennale Milano and Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain.

There are two upcoming evenings, on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 February 2024, where Olivier Saillard will present three performative actions, including a new creation designed specifically for the spaces of the Triennale Milano. The occasion is Ron Mueck's major exhibition, which will be visible until 10 March at the Triennale Milano. The action titled "Moda Povera VI: les vêtements des autres - Milan" will explore the intimate dimension of clothing. This is a new chapter in Saillard's research, inspired by Arte Povera, an Italian avant-garde movement that emerged in the 1960s, favouring the use of simple, natural, or salvaged materials.

The performance will be a simple yet impressive event where every visitor is invited to lend a garment of their choice, but only for the duration of the performance. It could be a beloved shirt, a cherished jacket, a dress, souvenir trousers of a relative, or even a friend's coat. The intention is to offer a garment that holds a special memory and affection in the eyes of the lender.

Ten models have been selected to represent the history of fashion and its cultural heritage by wearing relics of common or exceptional moments from the past. Rather than simply putting on clothes, their task is to carry, present and animate them. The aim is to restore the intimacy and emotional value hidden behind each garment. The models-performers will convey the message through a set of gestures and movements that characterise the art of fashion shows.

After Olivier Saillard reworked them with his touch, all manner of clothes, including used or work clothes from everyday life, ruined, banal or ordinary, ceremonial, exceptional or antiquated clothes are paraded without distinction.

During the performance, the artist will be accompanied by 10 talented Fashion Styling students from the Milan Fashion School, who will have the opportunity to work alongside one of the most influential contemporary artists at the Milan Design Time.

Stay tuned to find out which 10 students were selected and the result of their work!

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