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Manteco awards “Plus Project”


Manteco awards “Plus Project”

The winning project of the Sustainability Award 2022 contest in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni Milano
21 July 2022
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The second edition of the Sustainability Award 2022 contest, launched by Manteco, a leader in the production of recycled fabrics and wools since 1973, in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Fashion has come to an end. The contest aimed to encourage young creatives to reflect on the concept of circular fashion and raise awareness among the younger generations on the importance of increasingly sustainable fashion.

Aspiring second-year designers were invited to create an eco-design garment using the MWool® recycled wool fabrics provided by Manteco, working on a real brief to make entirely recyclable, eco-friendly, sustainable clothing.

The "Plus Project" project stood out among all others and received the Manteco award for the choice of materials, design and look. It was the result of the work of Michael Dalla Valle, Ginevra Bellatreccia, Ilaria Carli and Giulia Tomasi, who presented the brand with a coat that combines the world of sustainability with genderless fashion, inspired by the 1970s, the punk style and the romantic flair of Jil Sander's 1990s coats.

A coat, but not only. The four Istituto Marangoni designers have unleashed their creativity and their four different aesthetic and colour tastes by creating accessories that can be worn with the main coat or separately to allow the wearer to express their personality freely.

"Do not limit this garment to a single occasion, do not limit your personality" is precisely the catchphrase chosen by the Milanese Fashion School students, which embodies the essence of the Plus Project and is also written on the garment's inner label.

The group was also recognised for planning and implementing a well- structured social media marketing strategy, with a dedicated Instagram account, and also stickers and posters. Michael, Ginevra, Ilaria and Giulia put them up in Milan's most crowded and iconic places to spread their message to as many people as possible.

The award ceremony took place on July 8 at the brand's headquarters in Prato, where the young designers went to deliver the coat to the Manteco Archive. They got to visit the company and touch the vast range of premium-quality textiles available on site.

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