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Masterclass by Dhruv Khurana


Masterclass by Dhruv Khurana

The Significance of Symbolism in Brand Identities!
29 August 2023

Dhruv Khurana, the founder and creative director of the renowned brand AlmostGods speaks directly to a generation undergoing a massive transition, redefining what it means to be human through up-cycling societal structures and ideas. The journey from starting Spice Route to building Badgepack and finally reaching Almost Gods has been a testament to hard work and determination. Being honoured as part of Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, Class of 2023, this achievement is a true reflection of Dhruv Khurana's dedication to creating a new reality in the world of business. 

An enlightening masterclass conducted by Dhruv Khurana provided a comprehensive exploration of the significance of symbolism in creating impactful and memorable brand identities. A distinguished figure in the industry, shared extensive knowledge and expertise, guiding the students through the intricate art of crafting compelling narratives through visual communication. 

Throughout the masterclass, students gained a deep understanding of how symbolism plays a vital role in creating strong brand associations and establishing emotional connections with target audiences. Dhruv Khurana emphasized the power of symbols in evoking specific emotions, triggering memories, and influencing consumer perceptions. Furthermore, the masterclass explored various case studies and real-world examples, allowing students to witness the practical application of symbolism in branding and storytelling.


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