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MAYA Mumbai Fashion Show 2023


MAYA Mumbai Fashion Show 2023

Dive into a world where 'illusion' meets reality in this acclaimed event
18 October 2023

On 23rd September 2023, Istituto Marangoni Mumbai · The School of Fashion & Design revealed 'Maya'. This showcase, drawing from the Sanskrit term for 'illusion', delves into post-pandemic perceptions of reality against the backdrop of captivating universal illusions.

The event harks back to the dreamy pre-pandemic era, emphasising the importance of traditions, keen observations, and essential connections in today's digitally-driven world. Student collections, an amalgamation of personal and professional evolution at Istituto Marangoni Mumbai, seamlessly embraced the 'Maya' theme, presenting a kaleidoscopic view of the contemporary world.

Notably, Lipsita Priyadarshini earned accolades as the 2023 Fashion Design Student of the Year.

Moreover, 'Project Khadi', in association with UPKVIB, exhibited the elegance of India's iconic hand loomed fabric, Khadi.

Mevin Murden · Director of Education, praised students' dedication to India's rich craft traditions, asserting the institute's unparalleled identity.

Supported by The Rilievi Group and Daniel Bauer Academy, and enriched by the cherished 'Made in Italy' ethos combined with global outlook, 'Maya' epitomises excellence in post-pandemic fashion showcases.

For a closer insight into these exquisite designs, browse through the gallery capturing the essence of 'Maya'

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