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Poltrona Frau new industry project for the Milano School of Design


Poltrona Frau new industry project for the Milano School of Design

Interior Design students transform the concept of living with the mix-reality technology
14 November 2023

Poltrona Frau and Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design have launched an ambitious project entitled "Poltrona Frau Mix-reality Living" designed for students of the Master in Interior Design.

At a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are transforming the way we interact with the world, the project aims to redefine interior spaces related to the future of living spaces.

The students are called upon to reflect on the interaction between humans and living space through a multidisciplinary approach that covers anthropological, environmental, and technological assessments. The design proposals will be influenced by emerging technologies, such as AI and VR, that will be at the core of the project

Future designers will have to consider physiological and human needs while imagining new activities, functions, and sensory and emotional experiences that will become part of everyday life in the future. The focus is also on the technical and functional aspects of Poltrona Frau's new products and their integration into this new living scenario.

The stunents have been given the task of redesigning a product for Poltrona Frau for use in spaces that incorporate artificial intelligence. The challenge is to find a balance between physical and virtual worlds, paying attention to people's well-being, sustainability, accessibility, and inclusiveness. They must research innovative and smart materials that can be applied to Poltrona Frau products, as well as study textile and material surfaces that lend themselves to technological integration.

This project offers students a unique opportunity to explore and shape the future of living, combining creativity, technology, and design to anticipate the challenges and opportunities of the coming years.

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