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"New Artisanal Aesthetics" · The Mentorship Programme led by Walter Chiapponi


"New Artisanal Aesthetics" · The Mentorship Programme led by Walter Chiapponi

For Fashion Design Master's students at Istituto Marangoni Milano
24 January 2023

"New Artisanal Aesthetics" is the mentorship project launched by TOD'S Creative Director Walter Chiapponi to the students of the Fashion Design Master's Programme at Istituto Marangoni Milano.

The project, launched by Chiapponi in October, invites aspiring Fashion Designers to investigate the values of Italian craftsmanship and savoir-faire and to represent them in capsule collections for TOD'S. 

It is a perfect opportunity for young talents to showcase their creativity and understand how to rediscover Italian style while staying true to the brand's founding values and the craftsmanship that sets Italian-made products apart worldwide.

Last week, all the participants had the opportunity to present the first steps of their work to Walter during a project mid-review, receiving feedback, input and useful advice to hone their projects before the final delivery.

«I met the students, I saw a mid-step of the project I had assigned to them; they were talking about craftsmanship, about Italy, and I was very surprised» - Walter Chiapponi said - «The advice I would give these young creatives seeing these projects is to never limit their creativity and be brave».

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