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“Gucci conquers Generation Z” by Francesca Paolo Crivello

For the “Brand New Voices” contest by Istituto Marangoni in partnership with Vogue Italia

Future Fashion Management student Francesca Paola Crivello proposed Gucci as a brand that best reflected GenZ. The famous fashion house has become one of the most beloved brands among emerging fashion designers for their choices, evocative messages, spectacular fashion shows and grandiose installations.

Francesca Paola started by presenting the values in which she reflects herself as a GenZer. “First of all, we believe, and I believe, in accepting diversity at multiple levels. We respect identities and the free expression of gender, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity; we reject any stereotype of beauty and embrace imperfectionGeneration Z wants to give voice to a highly heterogeneous and varied society and expresses all the forms and aspects of diversity, going against standards and stereotypes that have been far from reality until now. She went on: “Let's not forget another essential value for young people: our attention to environmental sustainability. All these values influence our purchases, mainly from companies and brands that respect and share our way of understanding and conceiving reality and can find the right ways to get in touch with us. Besides, we explore the market through social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, which have become the most appropriate way to reach us and engage us.

Traditional advertising, a catchphrase, or the image of a famous influencer, are no longer enough to engage us; behind the advertised product or brand, there must be specific values and ideas. It is also crucial to create a direct relationship between the brand and Generation Z, a constant dialogue to involve and attract us, increasingly shortening the distance between consumer and company.”

She goes on to motivate her choice of Gucci: “Gucci fully understood and achieved this, becoming the most popular fashion brand among our generation. Their choicesmessages, their culture of purpose, spectacular fashion shows and grandiose installations have been able to mirror our world and conquer us”.

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