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Augmented Nature Exhibition

An augmented-reality exhibition in collaboration with Snapchat

The concept of “reality” is being renegotiated in the face of technological advancements. The emergence of AI-generated images is blurring the lines between physical and virtual worlds, sparking a debate on the implications of this new visual culture, which introduces a fascinating realm to explore. New technologies have opened up a new world of possibilities for creatives, who now have innovative tools to engage audiences with their imaginative works.

This pioneering exhibition, one of the first to use Custom Landmarks technology, consists of geolocated augmented reality elements. Planned by Istituto Marangoni • The School of Design in collaboration with Snapchat and Vanity Fair Italy, the event features a series of projects created by the Visual Design dept. students, which have been virtually placed inside the Vanity Fair Social Garden on Via Bergognone 26 and can be accessed by scanning Snapcodes using the Snapchat app (visitors can even take a selfie with the projects they view!). 

As real-life objects are blended and merged with dreamscapes and surreal settings made by additive manufacturing, visitors to Milan Design Week can experience an “augmented” daydreaming experience, in which a virtual forest welcomes them by offering a calm and regenerating space in which reflection on sustainability is promoted.