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Érica Giacomelli, Javier Velo, Kirill Ivko


Cappellini International Lounge · Fluid Shelter

Érica Giacomelli, Javier Velo, and Kirill Ivko graduated from Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano with a Master in Home Luxury Collection Design in 2014. Despite their different Country of origin – respectively Brazil, Spain, and Russia – these three young talents have a lot of things in common. Among these, a Bachelor of Architecture, an already started international career as Interior Designer, a strong inclination towards the conceptual development of projects. Moreover, they all believe that Fashion, Architecture, and Technology are closely related, that’s why they have found in Istituto Marangoni a natural response to their need for deepening their knowledge of Interior Design. “Cappellini International Lounge/Fluid Shelter” is a curricular project for the brand Cappellini carried out in partnership with Bolon flooring, iGuzzini lighting and Kvadrat fabrics. As regards furnishings, participants could choose from Cappellini catalogue, but also use the items designed during their Product Design course at Istituto Marangoni. The study created a concept that was all about the return to the origins, based on the analysis of the target of an airport lounge. The users of airport lounges want to feel special in an exclusive ambience, they also want to feel relaxed, connected and even protected. The challenge was to design a comfortable, versatile environment over a relatively small 10x20 m² area. Érica Giacomelli, Javier Velo and Kirill Ivko came up with a place of wellbeing, extremely functional at the same time. In doing so they were inspired by Burle Marx’s landscapes, as fluid lines and pure shapes are used to emulate the “Global Art” promoted by the Brazilian artist. “Cappellini International Lounge” is a hypothetical place, therefore the curricular project “Fluid Shelter” could be adapted to three international airports, yet maintaining the same concept and style: Milano (timeless elegance), Miami (ocean freshness) and Tokyo (contemporary urban).
Russian Federation, Spain, Brazil
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