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Mariana Camara and Pilar Magana


“Suspended Art” Raf Simon store

Mariana Camara and Pilar Magana both graduated in Architecture in 2012 each in their country of origin, respectively Brazil and Spain. Since then, Mariana has opened her own interior design studio creating fresh and comfortable homes, while Pilar has been working for a studio in Madrid and here she discovered her passion for interiors. They have met in Milano, at the Design School of Istituto Marangoni, where they are currently attending the master’s programme in Home Luxury Collection Design. Mariana and Pilar’s curricular project concerned the translation of Raf Simons’ brand into a store. Titled “Suspended Art”, the project is strictly related to art: no surprise considering that the creations of the Belgian fashion designer are authentic pieces of art rather than just products. The main concept developed by Mariana and Pilar added value to the collections exhibited at the store by treating them as if they were displayed in an art gallery. Attitudes, moods and statements about individuality and independence, the core of Raf Simon’s universe, are expressed by the choice of smooth materials to shape the curved wall of the store, as to create a contrast of sensations. In order to get a good rendering of an art gallery, all the furnishing, store displays and shelving have been conceived as differential spaces held by a hanging system based on bars – that is, ‘suspended’. The hangers themselves are already an art piece, yet the idea of repeating the hangers and display of the clothes reinforce the model of Raf’s minimal style and the brand’s constant quest for innovation.
Spain, Brazil
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