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Miray Alper


“Green Glam - behind the skin” the eco-substantial glamour of Miray Alper

Miray Alper is a talented Turkish Interior Designer with a strong academic background, as well as extensive work experience in the world of art and design. Miray graduated in Economics in 2011, she has always participated in art-related activities and exhibitions, and even worked as a volunteer assistant in AU Fine Arts Faculty. In 2013, she won the Home Textile Design Contest and was awarded with a scholarship she decided to use to attend a Master’s programme in Surface and Textile Design at Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano. Miray Alper’s “Green Glam” curricular project explores the idea of creating sustainable surfaces and textures for Interior Design drawing on the principles of Biomimicry, an approach that emulates nature's models and systems for the design of everyday objects and equipment. Miray’s Green Glam is ‘’behind the skin,’’ inspired by textures found in reptile skin. The project revolves around the concept of contrast between dark and bright, natural and vivid, perceived through the senses rather than rational deduction. By “mimicking nature” Miray reinvents geometric patterns for surfaces and coatings with designs inspired by the mysterious lives of animals, with the aim of straddling the divide between nature and home life. “Green Glam - Behind The Skin” keeps an eye on innovation yet being eco-friendly, through the imitation of natural phenomena and the use of experimental effects and materials, such as cracked glass, gold iridescent surfaces, mosaics and vibrant colours, to present an artificial view of the natural world.
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