robert liptak

Fashion design
Undergraduate programmes · Three year
Paris school of Fashion

predatorism · combat or protect


Regarded as one of the most multifaceted and ambitious students at Istituto Marangoni, Robert Liptak is currently finishing his senior year in fashion design at the Fashion School in Paris, and is also involved in an intensive collaboration with the American designer Rick Owens. Despite the young age, he has proved his independence and an amazing ability to adapt, also thanks to the intercultural environment in which he grew up.

“Predatorism – Walior” is the title of the curriculum project developed by Robert Liptak. It is a capsule collection for the A/W 2014/2015 season inspired by the eternal conflict between evil and good, represented by the dichotomy combat-protect. Robert Liptak has come up with this collection after a thoughtful consideration of what has been happening in the world lately. Violence and power made Robert think of his home country – Slovakia; hence, poverty and wealth are the parallel of victim and predator, closely linked to the idea of combat or protect.

Robert Liptak prefers working à la main, enjoys draping and plays with contrasts, catches the eye with thickened fabrics and irregular cuts. Clear references to Ukraine’s SBU uniforms fully render the idea of disorder and violence in the collection Predatorism. Then diluted by calm desert hues and striking patterns inspired by the soothing humidity of a forest: the viciousness of a camouflage style or a tribute to Mother Earth, the symbol par excellence of protection? Clear inspirations to the Japanese kimono round up the collection, with an emphasis on functionality and portability, essential elements of clothing, according to the young aspiring fashion designer.

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