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Shin Young Jang

Shin Young Jang has always been a keen observer striving for excellence in every project she has carried out while pursuing her studies in Fashion Design. She has completed the MA Fashion Design Womenswear programme at Istituto Marangoni London and is currently based in Seoul, where she is doing a PhD on fashion design for wellbeing and value-adding design process at the National University. Her ongoing commitment to exploring her identity as a fashion designer continues the journey she began with her research, design practice and Masters thesis at Istituto Marangoni in London. In the final term at the London School of Fashion, Shin developed an exciting research and design project about Designing for Emotional Calm. SAFE PLACE, the capsule collection she designed, draws upon conceptual frameworks ranging from psychology and semiology, to fine art and aesthetics, showing excellent critical and creative thinking skills as she developed an innovative design methodology aimed at creating a sense of security, comfort and calm in its wearers. Starting from the basic human need to feel safe both emotionally and physically, Shin’s Safe Place collection stands for those who want to be protected from surroundings. The oversized, exaggerated shapes are inspired by two natural entities: cactus and shell. The hard and rough texture of fabrics also represents the idea of protection and feeling safe in fashion design. In the outfits designed, she favours rounded shapes and curved lines because they signal lack of threat and express grace and beauty. Cashmere, wool, suede, and organza materials, in the soft colours of cinnamon, dusty mint, teal, nude and light sky, shape knit dresses, tops, high-waisted pants and hooded capes, decorated with furry details, feather, beads and fringes. In the wake of a growing general interest in mental health, this Collection and design process helps designers understand the importance of emotional design for consumers.
postgraduate-Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts
Korea, Republic of
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