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The Prevent Duty

What is Prevent Duty?

The Prevent Duty is part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy, CONTEST. Under the Prevent Duty, “specified authorities” are required to have a “due regard to the need to prevent
individuals from being drawn into terrorism”. It applies to Higher Education institutions, local authorities, schools, further education institutions, the health sector, prisons and probation, and the police.

The Office for Students regulates HEI compliance with the Prevent Duty and requires universities to have specific policies and procedures in place.

By working with a wide range of partners, those implementing the Duty aim to safeguard and support vulnerable people to stop them being drawn into terrorism or supporting terrorism through early
intervention. It also enables those already engaged in terrorism to disengage and rehabilitate. Prevent occupies the non-criminal space of CONTEST and sits separately from the rest of the CONTEST
strategy. Individuals who are referred through the Duty can choose to participate in the CHANNEL programme.

CHANNEL is a voluntary, confidential, multi-agency programme that seeks to ensure vulnerable children and adults of any faith, ethnicity or background can receive support before their vulnerabilities
are exploited by those that would want them to embrace terrorism, and before they become involved in criminal, terrorist-related activity.


Istituto Marangoni London’s Approach

At Istituto Marangoni London, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals within our community, including children and vulnerable adults. Our approach to Prevent
Duties is integrated into our broader safeguarding policy, with specific measures in place to address the prevention of terrorism and extremism. Key points of our approach include:

Awareness and Training - we provide training to all staff members to raise awareness of the signs of radicalization and extremism. This training equips our staff with the knowledge and skills to
identify and address any concerns related to the Prevent Duty.

Integration with Safeguarding Policy - Prevent Duties approach is integrated into our overall safeguarding policy, ensuring that the protection of vulnerable individuals extends to include the prevention
of radicalization and extremism.

Monitoring and Reporting - clear procedures in place for monitoring and reporting any concerns related to radicalization or extremism. Staff members are encouraged to report any suspicions or
incidents promptly to designated Prevent Leads within the institution.

Collaboration with External Agencies - we collaborate with external agencies, including law enforcement and local Prevent coordinators, to share information and address concerns effectively. This
partnership approach ensures a coordinated response to any potential threats or risks.

Support and Intervention - in addition to prevention measures, we provide support and intervention for individuals who may be vulnerable to radicalization or extremism. This includes offering access
to counselling, mentoring, and other support services to address underlying issues and prevent further escalation.

Review and Evaluation - we conduct regular reviews and evaluations of our Prevent Duties approach to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Feedback from staff, students, and external stakeholders
is taken into account to continually improve our strategies and responses.

Transparency and Accountability - We maintain transparency and accountability in our Prevent Duties approach, with clear lines of responsibility and communication channels. Staff members are
informed of their roles and responsibilities, and all actions taken are documented and reviewed as part of our commitment to accountability.

By integrating Prevent Duties into our safeguarding framework and adopting a proactive and collaborative approach, Istituto Marangoni aims to create a safe and supportive environment where all
individuals can thrive and contribute positively to our community.