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Fashion Photography: Helmut Newton Legacy

Described as “prolific” by the New York Times, Helmut Newton, the German Austrian photographer was born Helmut Neustadter in 1920, and died in Los Angeles in 2004. His provocative, erotically charged black and white photos were a mainstay of Vogue and other publications. Newton became an iconic fashion photographer recognised for his radical, edgy and sometimes racy subject matter. During his life, he published numerous books including White Women, World Without Men, and his autobiography, Helmut Newton, in 2003.

Celebrating his lasing influence on visual art to this day, his new book, Legacy was released in 2021. Newton’s work transcended genres, and brought elegance, style and voyeurism to fashion, portrait, and glamour photography through a body of work that remains as unique as it is unrivalled. Having mastered the art of photography early in his career, Newton’s shoots habitually went beyond standard practice, blurring the lines between reality and illusion. His clear aesthetic pervades all areas of his work, particularly fashion, portraiture, and nude photography.

Women are the real stars of his photographs, and he has worked with subjects from Catherine Deneuve to Isabella Rossellini, from Liz Taylor to Charlotte Rampling, shining a light on the grittier, raunchier side of their nature. Newton’s fashion photography moved beyond traditional approaches, and was infused with luxurious elegance and subtle seduction. It also included cultural references with a surprising sense of humour.

During the 1990’s, Newton shot for the German, American, Italian, French and Russian editions of Vogue, primarily in and around Monte Carlo where he lived from 1981 onwards. He transformed locations, such as his own garage, into minimalist theatrical stages, and would often portray the lives of the beautiful and rich, full of eroticism and elegance, placing them in unconventional scenarios. Helmet Newton made use of, whilst also questioning, visual clichés, and at times his images were tinged with a sense of self-mockery, but always full of empathy.

Helmut Newton. Legacy, the 424 paged book of his life’s work, accompanies an international exhibition tour, showcasing highlights from one of the most published bodies of work in photography, including several rediscovered images. A prolific image maker and genuine visionary, this book celebrates Newton’s lasting influence on modern photography and visual art to this day.

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Master in Fashion Styling, Creative Direction & Digital Content at Istituto Marangoni London

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Teaching and learning methods are dynamic and varied, and include self-directed study, frontal lectures, seminars, case studies, workshops, and trips as part of a 360-degree approach to enrich participants’ knowledge and abilities. Istituto Marangoni also offers a career service to bridge the gap between course completion and entering the workforce, which includes the organisation of seminars with professionals, as well as individual meetings to assist with CV preparation, and much more. The courses are taught in English in both Paris and London, and participants will be awarded a master’s degree by Manchester Metropolitan University.

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BA in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction

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Master in Fashion Styling Creative Direction and Digital Content Fashion Styling & Creative Direction
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