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How to become a Fashion and Luxury Brand Manager


How to become a Fashion and Luxury Brand Manager

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What is a luxury brand manager?

The luxury sector is one of the most competitive of all, and in this sector, sales depend mainly on the image of the products or services offered. The improvement and curation of this brand image is entrusted to a high-level technician, namely the luxury brand manager.

What does a luxury brand manager do?

The role of the luxury brand manager is first and foremost to accompany their client in the development of their brand image. The manager’s actions will also allow the luxury brands they represent to stand out. General a luxury brand manager promotes luxury products such as vehicles or fashion accessories, but there are many different luxury products and services available, so the selection is wide.

The luxury brand manager is responsible for promoting one or more luxury brands, and to achieve this, on a daily basis, they will have several tasks to perform, including:

  • Defining a strategy and general communication policy
  • Conducting market research
  • Targeting and defining the implementation plan
  • Establishing a business plan and monitoring product lines
  • Supporting their client in its development on a national and international scale.

The luxury brand manager wears several hats, including those of a high-level salesperson and a marketing manager.

What are the essential skills needed to succeed as a luxury brand manager?

If the world of luxury brands excites you, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics confirms that luxury brand management has been a strong academic field for years. If you are determined to pursue this career path, it is essential that you acquire the right credentials to support your choice. A solid education from a respected institute that will prepare you for your future can prove to be invaluable, but there are also a few personal characteristics that will certainly make a difference:

Passion: this quality will take you far in such a competitive industry. It is very important to love what you do, especially when you are faced with challenges.

Research: the luxury fashion industry completely relies on the latest trends, so it’s important that you keep up to date with what is trending to stay ahead of the curve.

Quick thinking: knowing how to think on your feet will help you deal with business issues quickly and efficiently. If you can do so under pressure, it will certainly give you an advantage.

Communication skills: good communication skills are helpful in any field, and the luxury industry is no exception. Since the products and brands you will be representing will be a cut above, your communication skills must also be top notch.


How to become a luxury brand manager

If you really want to become a luxury brand manager, the best thing to do is secure yourself a good foundation. The right education can set you on a path to use your creative talents in a business context so that you are equipped to navigate this highly competitive industry successfully. Combined with your own personal talent, an education from a highly respected institute, taught by experienced professionals, can truly offer you a competitive edge.

Istituto Marangoni, Dubai. 

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How much does a luxury brand manager in the UAE earn?




According to, the average brand manager gross salary in Dubai is AED 297,667 per year, which is 3% higher than the average brand manager salary in the UAE. An entry level brand manager with 1-3 years of experience can expect to earn around AED 164,639 per year, and a senior brand manager with 8 years of experience can expect to earn around AED 382,230.





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