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The Course

Fashion Entrepreneurship


Target: fashion industry professionals and more. Fashion enthusiasts who want to get involved and learn to recognize their skills and resources to develop their own business.


Fashion Entrepreneurship: get ready to turn your dream into a business, analyzing market opportunities, the perfect target and developing innovative strategies for your success in the fashion world.

In this course, participants will learn to analyze the innovative and successful business models of the fashion and luxury industry, market trends and opportunities, and risk management.

The goal is to develop a business plan with marketing and communication strategies to launch or enhance your brand, enter a new market or attract a specific target.

Thanks to the practice of leadership, emotional intelligence and public speaking, they will be able to promote your brand, look for potential investors or create synergies, collaborations or brand extensions.

The course is completed by the study of new technologies and digital tools to support the management and planning of brand development strategies.

01 Oct 2024
English  - Fee
Enrollment Fee
درهم AED12,000
School fee
درهم AED23,000

5% VAT must be added to all the fees.

Programme Specification

Open Day Dubai
Visit the School · Dubai
Metaverse Revolution
Career opportunities
Learning focus

Throughout the programme, participants will be able to deepen their knowledge on the fashion system, analyzing market opportunities and strategies to develop an innovative business, to enter a new market, expand the target, or simply refresh your business with a rebranding or a brand extension.

This course will allow as well to improve leadership, team and brand management, public speaking, and communication skills.

In addition, specific attention will be given on winning business models and the technological tools that fashion and luxury brands are developing, to evaluate new opportunities.

  • Luxury business models
  • Leadership skills
  • Fashion brand management
  • Ethics and sustainability
  • Digital technologies
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