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The Course

Luxury Brand Management

Short courses
Short courses

Embark on a journey into the world of managing luxury brand and navigate the dynamic landscape of their goods and services.


The short course in Luxury Brand Management is your opportunity to begin to gain in-depth knowledge of how luxury is created, promoted and sold. It enables you to either refresh knowledge and enhance management strategies and techniques or gain new knowledge of supply chain, marketing and communication in order to manage and exceed expectations of a luxury brands’ strategic vision.

The course covers different financial theories and practices, digital techniques through industry case study analysis, and enables participants to evaluate and propose new management solutions incorporating transformative emerging digital innovation and 360 strategic approach. The goal is to gain a better understanding of the concept of luxury and its meaning and value, with a more complex value chain; from craftsmanship to digitalisation.


02 Sep 2024 - 20 Sep 2024
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13 Jan 2025 - 31 Jan 2025
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This course looks at finding the right balance between the brand image and e-commerce platforms all of which support and enhance luxury consumption today. Participants will work at an advanced level, learning how to apply management strategies in Luxury and be provided with the tools to analyse current macro and Market trends and understand how they are likely to evolve in the future.  You can explore all sectors such as luxury apparel, leather goods, Hotels, Hospitality, Gastronomy, Real Estate, Yachts, Aviation, Performance Cars, wines and spirits plus related areas such as well management and look at both the fundamental business practice and organisational management of a brand within a luxury organisation.

Week 1 The world of luxury through the lens of management and leadership

The world of Luxury through the lens of management and leadership Your role as a leader in the luxury goods industry is to motivate, create desire, and build trust through various channels in merchandising, marketing and communication in order to manage and meet the expectations of a luxury brand's vision and strategy. You will explore how to lead a luxury brand and build brand loyalty through delivering exceptional service from a luxury perspective and understand how you can lead change by future proofing your products and brand.


Week 2 Strategic sourcing for luxury goods and services

You will examine the advantages and disadvantages of integrating supply chains from increasing market share to regulatory scrutiny. You will also examine how brands are forced as a result of the uncertain political and economic upheavals to explore new chains of supply relying on technological innovation and digital solutions. You will identify with the challenges Luxury brands are facing and explore new means of operational efficiency through data and AI to create value and minimise risk and operational loss.


Week 3 Digital Transformation and Innovation in Luxury

You will decipher how luxury is being disrupted through digital transformation. The focus here will be  on management and leadership and how brands present the key concepts of their strategies to various stakeholders. At the end of the course you will present the 360 management approach of how luxury is accelerating in innovation through proposing a new concept for a Luxury brand.

  • Luxury Management processes
  • Management and leadership in Luxury
  • Luxury Supply Chain and operations
  • Technological Disruption and Innvations in Luxury
  • Luxury consumption and strategies
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