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The Course

Fashion Omnichannel & E-Commerce

Shaping the future of the fashion commerce
Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts

The strategic development of the fashion Industry is linked to a recent expansion of the retail channels, combining heritage and innovation: from high-street boutiques to multi-brand e-commerce. In today’s market, without a deep and well-thought omnichannel commercial strategy, Fashion Brands cannot survive. Over the last few years we have been living important changes that require a new mindset, with the overall objective of integrating physical and digital channels.


During the course, participants have the chance to investigate the most innovative and recent technologies, as well as new approaches and their application on the customer experience. The main objective is to train future managers, so that they can drive digital revolution and the challenges companies will have to face in the near future in global markets. 

23 Sep 2024
Italian · English  - Fee
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Participants who successfully complete this programme will be awarded with a Master Degree. Recognised by MUR (Italian Ministry of University and Research)   participants will obtain 60 CFA (crediti formativi accademici) equivalent to 60 ECTS credits.

Programme Specification

Virtual Open Day Milano Fashion
Metaverse Revolution
Master's degree scholarship in collaboration with Modes

This course aims at educating future business professionals, able to satisfy the requirements of fashion companies and retail companies more and more oriented to an omnichannel approach, after the pandemic year, having generated a strong increase in e-commerce sales and re-shaped the consumer journey, now dominated by digital channels.

A special focus is given to innovative examples and case studies of Italian retail brands that manage to offer an integrated online/offline experience. Additionally, the impact of digital technologies is also covered, while analyzing in depth the full cycle of the fashion product: from the supply chain and creative process to the marketing and communication plan development. Participants learn how to critically debate the convergence of communication and commercial platforms, along with the issues and challenges presented by the new interconnected and international markets, where social and environmental sustainability play an important role. 

The course equips students with relevant skills needed to collect, analyse and use big data and relevant KPIs, combined with a qualitative and deep understanding of trends and consumer insights with a commercial and business approach: this is useful to be ready and skilled to face the challenges of tomorrow, applicable to many professional fields in the Fashion Industry.

  • Management in Retail Companies
  • Omnichannel retail strategies and Digital Retail Branding
  • Visual display and store management
  • E-commerce and omnichannel business models
  • Big data analysis and Customer Relationship development
  • Marketing and Retail strategies
  • Omnichannel buyer
  • Cross-channel merchandiser
  • Digital retail specialist
  • E-commerce specialist
  • Retail operation & data scientist
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