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Luxury Brand Management & Digital Marketing

Study brand development and marketing in fashion and luxury
Postgraduate Courses

The Luxury Brand Management & Digital Marketing course is designed to develop the intellectual ability of the participants through the understanding of the principles and practices of brand management and their application in connection with the fashion and luxury goods sectors at the first stage.


During the program, aspects of economic management, production and omnichannel of a brand are explored. The fashion brand manager is an increasingly sought-after figure within international fashion houses for their ability to work out creative solutions with the purpose of improving the performance of a brand. They have the responsibility to define the style of a collection, identify the price range, the target and the market reference. Beyond checking on the development of new products, they also plan the promotion and sales avenues in collaboration with the design, production and marketing departments of luxury fashion. This course provides the necessary instruments to understand all the phases of the communications process within a fashion company. Through the study of research methodologies of style and the implementation of publicity strategies in omnichannel, participants learn the skills to be able to develop and implement a communication plan. The brand manager operates in the fashion and luxury industry to supervise products, services and experiences for different market levels. They create, deliver and monitor communication strategies, organise campaigns and events for brand exposure on media, while maintaining an active broad social network. The expert fashion brand manager can work in companies, consulting rms, trade associations and for various industries in fashion, luxury and lifestyle and can apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course in the eld of marketing, communication and event planning, brand management, e-commerce and the search for new trends. This course is aimed at candidates who have previous undergraduate study in economics, marketing, fashion design or similar, or proven relevant work experience. Participants will begin by analysing how different organizations in fashion and luxury goods manage their brands and products in order to compete in different market environments. They learn how to evaluate the relationships between branding and corporate strategies, business strategy and the ‘functional’ strategies of an organization. Moving on, participants are introduced to the communication strategies and tactics implemented by different fashion organizations in order to promote products, services, and ‘customer experiences’ at different market levels. Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be awarded an Istituto Marangoni Certificate.
27 Aug 2024
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After completion of studies, participants will be able to accurately analyse the condition of supply and demand of fashion and luxury markets and individual brands, assess their characteristics and signi cant values and apply explanatory methods and management approaches to support key strategies and business marketing to achieve competitive advantages. The skills gained can be used either in existing roles, or for a future career in the brand management and marketing arena of fashion and creative industries.
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