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The Course

Fashion Business, Digital Communication & Media

Go viral, post & publish · communicating fashion & style
BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses

These undergraduate programmes are designed for participants looking to enter the fashion world, and provide a complete education allowing participants to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the chosen field.


In a media-dominated world, being able to communicate and connect with consumers and engage them through different media techniques or digital channels is one of the most sought after and relevant skills in the fashion, luxury and creative industries.

The digital communication landscape has captured the interest and imagination of hundreds of millions of people.

In the last few years and in the current post Covid scenario digital and social media have been questioning how we view connectivity, luxury, communications, news, relationships, advertisement and entertainment. This three-year full-time course provides a broad education into cultural, creative and social fashion business contexts along with contemporary communication channels, including online tools, with video, fashion films, printed and digital media using images and copy, together with the most innovative technologies, to create and enhance business communication strategies specifically for the fashion and luxury markets. 

Students will be encouraged to grow and show their imagination, to communicate with others and to find connection, communication and engagement. They will take advantage of a multimedia approach, learn how to use various strategies, including social media, video and content management, to help you improve communication efficiency in the modern age.

02 Oct 2023 - 14 Jun 2024
English  - Fee
Enrollment Fee
UK Nationals or UK Domicile fees
International fees

· UK passport holders or UK domicile fees (EU Settlement scheme, indefinite to remain, dependant visas)
· International fees (For everyone else who requires a visa to study in London)


Regent’s University London · October 2023

Subject to validation by Regent’s University London

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Metaverse Revolution

The course looks at social media as markets and key places to understand daily cultural politics. It discusses the definitions of sharing and privacy, of remixing cultures, modern ways of journalism and new forms of communication.

They will understand the philosophy, growth and importance of social media in business, and learn how platforms and the most innovative social networks such Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are used to represent an organisation, promote a product or a brand, and are powerful tools in connecting with consumers by creating a loyal following. The course focuses on a sound knowledge of traditional and digital marketing, alongside editorial skills for digital PR and press activity including fashion writing and copyediting, digital storytelling and publication advertising and marketing, finance and budget management, as well as media planning, creative direction and fashion shooting.

A significant element of the course will be the development of content, the new field of public relations and digital communication. Students benefit from a multimedia approach, which teaches you how to use various methods, including social media, video and content management, to improve digital communication effectiveness.

  • Brand storytelling & marketing strategies
  • Traditional and digital media
  • Fashion writing & effective copy, editorial
  • Cultural contemporary perspectives, trends and forecasting
  • Strategies of contemporary fashion photography & video
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Media planner/media manager
  • Communication manager/director
  • Marketing manager
  • Multimedia content designer
  • Social media editor/manager
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