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Luxury Hospitality & Customer Experience Management

Elevate luxury experiences with expert hospitality management
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The Paris school stands as a natural hub for luxury, seamlessly linked to the domain of opulent hospitality and a dedication to delivering excellence customer experiences. The program aims to prepare upcoming professionals in the Luxury Hospitality sector, encompassing roles in hotel management, restaurant management, sales and marketing, revenue management, asset management & development, and entrepreneurship.


Rooted in history, French hospitality has set the standard against which the entire industry has been measured for generations. France boasts the world's largest hospitality operator, and Paris is recognized as the most significant city globally for creativity, lifestyle experiences and innovation. Pioneers like César Ritz and Auguste Escoffier established the benchmarks of modern luxury in 20th-century Paris, while designers such as Philippe Starck, Pierre Yves Rochon, and Jacques Garcia have played pivotal roles in the global lifestyle revolution in hospitality. Known for innovation, France introduces new business ideas characterized by flawless techniques and world-class management. This new era of luxury hospitality transcends tradition and heritage, emphasizing French excellence and innovation, providing unique and fulfilling experiences in the midst of rapid technological and digital transformation.

01 Oct 2024
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The luxury hospitality and customer experience market in France is renowned for its historical significance, high standards of service, attention to detail, and its contribution to the global luxury industry. Paris, in particular, is synonymous with opulence and serves as a hub for upscale establishments like Hotel Ritz Paris, Hotel Plaza Athénée, and acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants. These iconic venues collectively contribute to Paris's renowned status for delivering unmatched luxury experiences and savoir-faire. Many establishments go beyond traditional practices by incorporating eco-friendly initiatives and cutting-edge technologies to enrich both the guest experience and environmental sustainability. Additionally, there is the integrating of cultural and artistic elements into designs, with numerous establishments collaborating with artists and designers to craft distinctive, immersive, and personalized experiences for their guests.

The curriculum is designed to impart the necessary skills and knowledge essential for success in hotel management, the food and beverage sector, and various other areas of hospitality. Through cultivating a strategic and managerial perspective, the program enables students to develop expertise in strategic management, marketing, sales management, entrepreneurship, financial planning, governance, and policy.

With a specific focus on the luxury hospitality sector, the program adopts an innovative approach to shaping students' abilities in creating and delivering outstanding customer lifestyle experiences throughout the entire hospitality industry. The gained skills and knowledge are versatile, making them applicable to a broad spectrum of working environments within the global hospitality and business sectors.

Throughout the different projects they receive professional feedback and guidance from academics and industry professionals. A strategic blend of research, creativity, and business project planning is needed to put together a successful dissertation. This course gives students the skills and knowledge to create innovative product management proposals for the high-end luxury market. 

  • Luxury Services Management​
  • International Hospitality Business
  • Trends in Hospitality Food & Beverage
  • Financial Management & Revenue Management​
  • Geopolitics and Emerging Country Trends​
  • Marketing & Hospitality Manager
  • Brand advocate Manager
  • Head of Customer/Guest Experience
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Guest Lounge coordinator
  • Head of customer happiness centre
  • Private client relation manager
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Customer engagement manager
  • Director of events and lifestyle
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