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The Course

Fashion Business & Buying Semester

Semester courses · undergraduate
Progression Programmes are groups of specialised learning blocks or ‘levels’ that prepare participants with the skills and knowledge to enter the fashion industry. Each course is structured in two (2) distinct levels ranging from a foundation introductory level, working through to a higher comprehension of skill and study.


Selecting a balanced combination of products and brands that fully satisfy company sales targets, consumer demands, and market needs; the ultimate goal of the Fashion buyer.  This semester course covers skills in trends, branding and product lifecycle, as well as investigating contemporary product placement and management control, all within the fast paced fashion industry. Aimed at students with at least one-year previous undergraduate study in fashion buying, business or similar field, this inspiring short course encourages participants to develop forward thinking business acumen, as well as broadening horizons for personal growth and future career development.  
03 Oct 2022 - 31 Mar 2023
English  - Fee
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Learning focus Semester 1 · autumn start
Learning focus Semester 2 · spring start
  • Fashion Psychology
  • Interdisciplinary Project
  • Brand Insight
  • Fashion Digital
  • Fashion Promotional
  • Project Management
  • Green Marketing
  • Visionary Research
  • Luxury Business Models
  • Finance and Management Control
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