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Fashion Image & Business

Short courses
Short courses
Short courses cover a variety of subjects, levels and duration to suit all preferences, and are also the perfect ‘taster’ or introduction to fashion programmes, useful when considering more intensive study, or for future career path development.


This dynamic short course focuses on image and the development of style in fashion together with key business practices that work hand in hand to drive the success luxury brands. By understanding both the role and influence of the fashion stylist within a business environment, participants gain a unique insight into the real influence and ‘power’ of image within the fashion industry. Participants learn how to evaluate, enhance and complement physical characteristics to develop an individual style and put together of a ‘total look’. Taking forward their own styling ideas they are introduced to the business of ‘style’; fashion brand identity, brand image and collection positioning, competitor analysis, and merchandising are just some of the issues addressed.      
08 Jan 2024
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Week 1 The first week begins with an overview of economic and social trends. Understanding economic and social evolution and how this influences fashion consumption is an important part of this course. Participants study and explore key periods in history that represent past and present styles, future fashion trends and the elements that characterize and influence them. Furthermore, in order to understand the role of the stylist participants will be guided in sourcing and collating information from research tools such as books and fashion magazines and through specific virtual domains relevant to fashion and luxury.

Week 2 This week begins with an overview of the fashion & luxury industries including for example: textiles, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, eyewear and jewellery. Participants take a look at critical factors defining the success of some leading Italian and international brands as well as brand image. At this point in the course participants also begin to bring together their research from the previous week to define a particular individual style as well as conducting iconographic research, and understanding key notions in photo shoot planning and narrative.

Week 3 In the last week participants look at key practices in the marketing and communication of image and style, as well as key components in distribution, product lifecycle, and price points. They evaluate the impact of style on consumer activity, merchandising and sales, both offline and online, and apply their knowledge to develop a basic illustrated marketing plan. Participants are also able to bring together their style research (the importance of colour, silhouette, accessories and their combination) and present an individual style concept linked to their marketing proposal, collating their work for presentation in an individual stylebook.  

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