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Social Media for Fashion

Short courses
Short courses
Short courses cover a variety of subjects, levels and duration to suit all preferences, and are also the perfect ‘taster’ or introduction to fashion programmes, useful when considering more intensive study, or for future career path development.


Connect to the exciting world of fashion online. This course looks at the influence and impact of social media and the phenomenon of fashion blogging within the fashion and luxury industries. Participants discover how fashion companies are integrating bloggers, influencers, and social media experts into their organisations, to promote brand visibility, and use social media’s interactive ‘user’ potential as a powerful means of communication. They will learn about the role of social media marketing, its influence on the relationship between brands and their customers and how communication has changed over time through social networks, online magazines, webinars, weblogs, social blogs, forums and wikis, to name just a few. The course provides an international overview of activity, traits and trends of a successful ‘fashion blog’.    
08 Jan 2024
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Week 1

During the first week participants become familiar with various social media platforms and digital communication strategies of the most significant and influential fashion and luxury brands. They move onto discover trends in the digital marketing field and the methods applied to increase brand awareness, brand image and brand loyalty. National social media channels in countries such as China, Japan and Russia are also covered, key markets for the fashion and luxury. During the first week participants will also be introduced to the key notions of fashion blogging in order to understand its interaction in fashion communication, and its influence in the fashion business.

Week 2  

During the second week the course focuses on the concept of omnimarketing, looking further into the main principles of direct marketing, e-commerce, link building techniques and SEO. The role of Google and other Search Engines is also evaluated, together with web listening techniques and online storytelling. Participants look at how campaigns maximize engagement and increase customer loyalty, and determine the matrix for analysing the efficiency of the social media strategy.

Week 3

The third week will be dedicated to building a professional, up-to-date fashion blogging toolkit including copy techniques and digital visual skills. Participants will receive a formal introduction to content and work actively on case histories and applications with a focus on platforms, devices and techniques used in fashion blogging to craft a positive message. Likewise, copy techniques employed in the fashion blogging process from fashion writing, to hashtags and SEO copy are evaluated. In order to measure progress in fashion blogging participants also take a look at coverage, engagement, KPI and applications, creating a full glossary of fashion blogging today.  

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