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Jewellery and Product Management

Jewelry product management, reshaping the luxury landscape
Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts

The intricate history of French jewelry-making finds its roots in Paris and the famous Place Vendôme, the site of the first significant jewelry brand's establishment in 1893. This historic site witnessed the creation of iconic pieces like the Cartier Trinity ring, Boucheron Quatre ring, Chaumet tiaras, and the Van Cleef & Arpels Zip necklace. These renowned houses have established themselves as leaders, creating pieces that blend creativity and technical mastery. France takes great pride in and cements its reputation through these renowned Parisian luxury brands, as well as the immense creativity fostered within the country's 2,000 jewelry studios and skilled artisans.


The French high jewelry market is characterized by its rich historical significance, artistic excellence, and global influence. The sector places a strong emphasis on heritage and tradition, often incorporating traditional techniques alongside modern innovations, with a focus on responsible sourcing and environmentally conscious practices. Designed for candidates with ambitions in the jewelry industry, the MA program is aimed at cultivating careers in management and product development, targeting roles such as directors, managers, heads of operations, production managers, and entrepreneurs.

01 Oct 2024
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The luxury high jewelry market epitomizes the pinnacle of the jewelry industry, featuring unparalleled craftsmanship, the use of rare materials, and the exclusivity associated with heritage brands. Renowned houses like Cartier and Bulgari dominate this market. The demand for luxury high jewelry is global, and digital platforms are increasingly utilized to expand the market's reach. Industry projects work in tandem with businesses to investigate authentic business heritage values, management processes, and the seasonal nature of the jewelry market. 

The curriculum focuses on imparting comprehensive knowledge and skills in research, cutting-edge software, and diverse subjects, including geopolitics, market dynamics, and sustainable practices. In response to the changing landscape of creative industries due to environmental and social awareness and digital transformation, the program cultivates critical, creative, and collaborative thinking in managers and product developers, fostering a holistic approach and visionary skills.

Throughout the different projects they receive professional feedback and guidance from academics and industry professionals. A strategic blend of research, creativity, and business project planning is needed to put together a successful dissertation. This course gives students the skills and knowledge to create innovative product management proposals for the high-end luxury market. 

  • Management and Strategy in Luxury
  • Production & Value Chain Materials Management
  • Enterprise & Innovation
  • Industry Regulations & CSR
  • Geopolitics and the jewelry market
  • Directors/managers
  • Heads of operations
  • Production managers
  • Entrepreneurs
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