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London Textile Fair


London Textile Fair

Showcasing collections from 500 exhibitors
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Showcasing collections from 500 exhibitors, the London Textile Fair (22/23 March 2022) is the UK’s platform for fashion fabrics, apparel accessories, print studios and vintage garments. Held at the Business Design Centre twice a year in January and July, it is an unmissable event for all industry professionals.

This high-quality event has developed in response to the growing need for a dedicated trade exhibition, and attracts the most influential buyers and designers from the major high-street retail stores as well as independent designers and buyers from their contract manufacturers.


Some of the show’s regular visitors include Next, Victoria Beckham, Top Shop and Stella McCartney (to name a few). The stands are open space, to create a more relaxed environment in which to establish approachable business connections. Every exhibitor is provided with the same space to ensure equal opportunities for all manufacturers, whether big or small. In keeping with these equal opportunities policy, tables are even selected via a “lottery”, so where exhibitors are positioned in the hall in no way reflects who they are or how big their business is. Organizers of the event insist upon this level playing field, which provides wonderful opportunities for buyers to make their selection based solely on merit. Exhibitors at the show come from some of the most prestigious mills in Europe, with a complete overview of the season’s trends. It is an ideal sourcing platform for textiles, accessories, print design and vintage garments.

What’s on offer

The London Textile Fair is located in Central London, in a large textile hall with around 500 exhibitors presenting cotton, shirting, jersey silk, outerwear, rainwear, eco-friendly, coated fabric, printed fabrics, wool, worsteds, linens, tweed, fancies, flannel, synthetic and technical.

The accessories and trims area are particularly exciting. The array of trims and accessories from current ranges and next-season’s collections, provides an opportunity for buyers and designers to get ahead of the game. The range is extremely vast, from simple staples to more exclusive articles, from linings to studs, rivets to buckles and everything in between.

In recent years, there have been many innovations in the field of textiles. New techniques and technologies have opened the doors to methods of creation that were previously unimaginable. From digital influencers to AI fashion designers, the possibilities are endless. Sustainable methods such as chrome-free tanning, 3D printing and the use of recyclable materials which are as effective as their single-use counterparts, have also meant a reduced impact of production on the environment. Not only is it important to keep up, but, as creatives, the ideal situation is to be ahead of the game.

Master in Fashion, Art & Textile Innovation

In partnership with Etro and Manteco, the Master in Fashion, Art & Textile Innovation at Istituto Marangoni is an exciting program which supports the development of creative practice through project work and ongoing evaluation. This hands-on learning style is aimed at continuously exploring key ideas and critical issues, and involves a range of specialists in the field as well as interdisciplinary practice and exhibition opportunities.

The course is supported by two key industry partners, offering a real hands-on experience, covering the fashion, materials, and artistic network: Etro a world leader in luxury fashion, and Manteco, a leader in textiles, sustainability and high-quality fabrics since 1943. These partnerships offer students a unique opportunity to learn from forward thinking industry leaders, with years of experience and a strong reputation on the international stage.

While participating in this avant-garde program, students are encouraged to explore different working styles through both theory and practical experience. This multi-faceted approach facilitates the development of analytical skills as well as practical problem solving abilities and transferrable skills which are perfect for a career in areas such as research design, development, and planning. Istituto Marangoni aims to bring out the innovative flair in its students, offering them solid tools upon which they can build their own unique approach, which is highly encouraged.

Undergraduate courses

Istituto Marangoni offers an array of undergraduate courses, from Fashion Design and Marketing to Interior Design and Lighting, and many more. The courses are aimed at students looking to build a career in the fashion and design industry, and provide the necessary knowledge and skills to offer a solid base upon which each individual student can develop their own talents in their chosen field. For the full list of courses, please refer to our website.

Postgraduate courses

When it comes to specialising in your chosen field, Istituto Marangoni has a range of postgraduate courses that can help you hone your skills and support a career in the fashion, luxury and creative industries. These courses are designed for people who have already acquired undergraduate qualification and are seeking to further their knowledge in a specific area. For the full list of courses, please refer to our website.

For further information on any of our courses, please use the contact form and one of our tutors will get in touch to guide you through your inquiry. 

Master in Fashion, Art & Textile Innovation Postgraduate courses in London London School of Fashion
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