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Digital Art in Fashion

Art shaping the way we dress
Short courses
Short courses
Short courses cover a variety of subjects, levels and duration to suit all preferences, and are also the perfect ‘taster’ or introduction to fashion programmes, useful when considering more intensive study, or for future career path development.


This dynamic short course explores the influence and impact of art on fashion and luxury. Participants will gain a real understanding of the influence and ‘power’ that art has always exercised on style and the way we dress. Designers have, in fact, consistently fed their imagination with stimuli from art. Meanwhile, it is also true that today the fashion industry is the most important supporter and promoter of contemporary art. Participants will question both worlds - art and fashion - in order to evaluate, improve and integrate the intrinsic characteristics of fashion design, fashion image and style, and encourage further dialogue with art and the various arts, in the fast paced, ever creative fashion industry.  
13 Jan 2025 - 31 Jan 2025
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Week 1 Identity and contamination: to investigate the complex relationship between art and fashion implies an awareness of the identity and peculiarities of both disciplines. Historically art and fashion forged their own distinguished sectors; one proposing the illusion of something eternal and imperishable, while the other in pursuit of the future, through clothes and luxury objects that only a few could afford. Understanding this difference is the first step in analysing the history of this exciting relationship. Starting from the Renaissance up to the present day, participants will examine the most significant periods in history to focus on captivating examples of collaboration between designers and artists.

Week 2 Fusion: the second week looks at the current relationship between the art and fashion systems. Exhibitions, installations and events have radically changed the way fashion is shown on the catwalks and drastically influenced the concept of a collection. There are countless examples in which artists and actors have been involved in the realization of innovative performances. Participants will therefore investigate the creative processes that characterize each of the two systems, passing through the development and production of a project, up to the mode of presentation and distribution of works and collections. Through this comparison they will understand the real fusion of art in the fashion system and vice versa.

Week 3   The future of art and fashion - a creative combination: the last week of the course takes a look at the future. Participants will be encouraged to think of new ways in which a fusion of the two art forms may further expand dialogue and artistic expression. They will be encouraged to demolish disciplinary boundaries and industry conventions in order to rethink the creative process, social relations, the formation of desire, and utilisation of the product or object to the end consumer or client. The week will conclude with an illustrated presentation of a creative project proposal, supported by research materials including for example illustration, colour charts, photos, and images.  

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