The course is intended to touch on the most meaningful landmarks of the history of Italian art, from the Middle Ages to today.
The three weeks of the course will be focused on a keyword, that of ‘space’, because, symbolically and historically, this is the true key to Italian uniqueness in the cultural context of the development of the language of Western art. Furthermore, the idea of space refers to the nature of the course, which is based on a constant dialogue between internal and external, that is, between the city and the school, incorporating a structured programme of visits to museums and historical spaces, seen as an integral and completing part of the course itself.




week 1
The space as symbolic form.
A reflection on the conquest of space, as shown in anatomy and perspective, from Giotto to humanism in Florence, will guide participants to comprehension of the most important formal conquests of western pictorial modernity.
Expected visits: Galleria degli Uffizi, Santa Croce, Santa Maria del Carmine.

week 2

The space as social form.
Modern western culture, and Italian culture in particular, is structured around the concept of “the court”. The Medici court of Florence will be the starting point for a reflection on the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, in comparison to the European culture of the time.
Expected visits: Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Strozzi, Galleria dell’Accademia.

week 3

Space and Time.
The last week is dedicated to contemporaneity and to looking at the Italian visual culture of the Twentieth century, from the avant-garde to the dialogue between art and fashion and the most contemporary experimentations.
Expected visits: Museo Marino Marini, Museo Novecento.

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