London city life guide

London, city of dreams with a hard edge. It is no surprise that London-based artists and visionaries are at the forefront of everything new on the planet – fashion, food, art, even technology. A world city with its roots in trade, London brings together ideas from all over the globe and recombines them in new and strange forms. It is almost impossible to keep pace with everything that goes on in the city. There is so much to do, see, learn and sample – be it in a theatre or in a restaurant – that your cultural antenna could easily get overloaded.

From the edgy bars of the east end to the chic calm of Chelsea and west London, the city’s nightlife is a virtual banquet, catering to everyone’s tastes regardless of age or background. The mind appreciates after-dark stimulation as much as all the senses do, and London’s world-famous museums and galleries, places like the Victoria and Albert museum and the Royal Academy, open late one evening a month when they host exhibitions, performances and even speed-dating events! There is a yearning in people to mix things up in creative ways, to cross the boundary between culture and entertainment, night and day, and London is happy to oblige.

London, alongside Milano and Paris, is a shopper’s paradise. Knightsbridge, the King’s Road, Bond Street are shopping magnets, and you can always head off to the one of the city’s many markets and vintage boutiques in areas such as London Fields and Portobello Road  to sample the earthier pleasures of street food and handmade accessories. This sprawling, historic but future-oriented and globally-minded city is a place of continual surprises.


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